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4 Reasons to Choose Kor Whitening

Kor teeth whitening | professional teeth whitening | greenwich village ny

At Keith Bracy, DDS, we love Kor Whitening! In fact, Kor is the only whitening system we use in our Greenwich Village dental office. Interested in Kor whitening? Looking for a Kor whitening dentist near you? Well look no further! In this blog post, we will cover 4 reasons why we recommend the Kor whitening system.

  1. Bleach and whiten your teeth, not your gums! Have you ever used a whitening tray or device and the whitening gel went all over your gums or into your saliva? This is common with many over the counter whitening devices and poorly made whitening trays. The whitening gel can taste horrible and can also ...

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Who is Not a Candidate for Invisalign or Clear Aligner Therapy?

Invisalign | dentist in west village ny

Advertising for Invisalign and clear aligner therapy is a part of life for busy New Yorkers! You can only go a few blocks in Greenwich Village without seeing an advertisement for straightening your teeth without braces. You might wonder if you are a candidate for Invisalign? You can find plenty of positive Invisalign stories, affirming the treatment is right for you, but keep reading this blog post if you want to learn who isn’t a good candidate for Invisalign. So, who is not a candidate? 

  • The Non-Compliant Patient – For Invisalign to work properly, the clear aligner must apply a constant force to the teeth.  The emphasis here is on ...

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Root Canals in Greenwich Village

root canal | greenwich village | Keith Bracy DDS

Are you looking for a root canal doctor in Greenwich Village, NYC? Look no further than the dental office of Keith Bracy, DDS. At our caring dental office on West 12th street, we provide the full scope of root canal procedures.

What is a root canal?

Root canal therapy is the procedure in dentistry in which the canal system of the tooth is cleaned, shaped, disinfected and filled with a rubber filling material. The canal system of the tooth is in the middle of the tooth and extends out into the roots. Root canal therapy is also known as “endodontic therapy”, and the dental specialty of root canals is called “endodontics”.

Why ...

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Modern Dentures in the West Village, NYC

dentures | denture without palate | greenwich village ny

Are you looking for a new denture dentist in Chelsea? Are your current dentures not holding in? Curious about advances in dentures? Well, look no further than Keith Bracy, DDS in the West Village. Our beautiful, caring dental office is your one stop shop for a new pair of dentures.

In our local West Village community, there is an aging baby boomer population as well as many who have decided to retire here. As we age, some in this age group are not so fortunate to keep all their teeth. Thus, dentures are in strong demand here. Dentures are a significant investment in your time, finances, and the payoff is incredible ...

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Dentist Fabricated Mouthguards in New York City

custom mouthguard | west village ny

Are you looking for a dentist to fabricate a mouthguard in New York City? Well, look no further than Keith Bracy, DDS. A mouthguard provides protection from trauma during activities such as sports. If you look closely at professional athletes such as basketball and hockey players, you might notice some colored plastic in their mouths. However, even amateur and student athletes can benefit from the protection a mouthguard provides.

A mouthguard protects the teeth, surrounding bone, and gum tissue from impact by absorbing the blow from trauma and protecting these structures from force. A dentist fabricated mouthguard provides superior fit, comfort and retention compared to a boil and bite ...

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Invisalign Vs. Other Clear Aligners

Invisalign | 10011 | greenwich village ny

Yes, it is 2019 and if you open your social media of choice, you will see plenty of catchy ads with colorful marketing of clear aligner systems.  As a dentist in the West Village, my personal facebook account and Instagram are bombarded with ads for a variety of do-it-yourself clear aligner systems. These ads make their clear aligner systems appear safe, effective, and equal to a doctor-prescribed system like Invisalign and better than traditional braces. This will not be a blog post about the politics of clear aligners, we have no interest in bad mouthing startups Smile Direct Club or competitors. Rather, Keith Bracy, DDS wants to point ...

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Finding a Dental Home In Greenwich Village

dentist in Greenwich Village | west village ny

Establishing a dental home is an essential step in guaranteeing healthy teeth and gums for a lifetime. But first, what is a dental home? Have you ever heard of a dental home or looked for one in Greenwich Village?

According to the 2018 definition provided by the American Academy of Pediatric dentistry, a dental home  “is the ongoing relationship between the dentist and the patient, inclusive of all aspects of oral health care delivered in a comprehensive, continuously accessible, coordinated, and family-centered way.” You can read more about a dental home here

In other words, patients benefit from establishing a strong relationship with a dentist and finding a dental practice ...

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