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Kor whitening | teeth whitening | west village ny

4 Reasons to Choose Kor Whitening

September 12, 2019
Posted By: Keith Bracy
Kor teeth whitening | professional teeth whitening | greenwich village ny

At Keith Bracy, DDS, we love Kor Whitening! In fact, Kor is the only whitening system we use in our Greenwich Village dental office. Interested in Kor whitening? Looking for a Kor whitening dentist near you? Well look no further! In this blog post, we will cover 4 reasons why we recommend the Kor whitening system.

  1. Bleach and whiten your teeth, not your gums! Have you ever used a whitening tray or device and the whitening gel went all over your gums or into your saliva? This is common with many over the counter whitening devices and poorly made whitening trays. The whitening gel can taste horrible and can also burn your gums. The foundation of the Kor Whitening system is highly precise Kor-seal whitening tray. The custom whitening trays are made either from an advanced dental impression or a digital scan. The Kor laboratory then fabricates the trays themselves and delivers them in temperature controlled shipping to our NYC dental office. What does this mean for you? It means you’ll get an extremely well-fitting whitening tray, in which the whitening gel stays in the tray! This is essential for excellent results – the whitening gel must stay in contact with your tooth for amazing whitening results! You’ll see the difference right away with Kor-seal trays!
  2. Whiten for life, not just one time! Ever try some more popular in-office professional whitening treatments? Like the ones where the dentist places this blue light on your teeth and you sit in the dental chair for an hour? Well, if you are like many patients who have tried this method, you will realize your results are based on a one-time treatment! Furthermore, if you want to get your teeth whiter or to do a “touch up” in the future, you have to go through the whitening procedure again and often pay the same fee again. The Kor whitening system combines both in-office treatments with custom whitening trays. This means you have more control over your results. If you want to go whiter, you can customize your whitening with Dr. Bracy and plan to wear the trays longer. Also, if you want to really keep your teeth really white, you can do whitening maintenance or touch-ups for months and years down the road. Many of our patients at Keith Bracy, DDS use their Kor whitening trays to do “touch ups” after their regular dental cleanings or even monthly. Thus over time, the Kor whitening system can be more cost effective vs other products; since refill Kor whitening gel for the trays is less expensive than having repeated in-office treatments with other systems.
  3. Kor whitening uses highly potent and effective whitening gel. A fun fact about Kor whitening gel – it comes to the dental office via overnight shipping on dry ice, and there must be someone on hand at the dental office to receive the package! We love the excitement of Kor whitening package at Keith Bracy, DDS in Greenwich Village. Heat is the enemy of hydrogen peroxide, the active ingredient in nearly all whitening gels. You might not have considered it, but competitor whitening systems ship their gel without major regard to temperature – the whitening gel may be sitting in hot planes and UPS/Fedex trucks for days before it reaches the dental office. Thus, with the Kor system, you can be assured you are getting fresh, potent teeth whitening gel!
  4. Cut the sensitivity. Ever read reviews about some professional whitening systems? A few google searches, will inform you that sensitivity is one of the major drawbacks of whitening. Some people have said that teeth whitening sensitivity is as bad as child birth! The truth is that all effective teeth whitening systems will have some degree of sensitivity for many people. However, the Kor whitening system has features in it to protect against it. Primarily, the Kor whitening system comes with the Kor Complete Desensitizer. You get a whole bottle of it with your Kor treatment! Applying the Kor Complete Desensitizer twice a day, keeps the pain and sensitivity away! At Keith Bracy, DDS we also have plenty of other advice to keep whitening related tooth sensitivity down.

What are you waiting for? Are you looking to get white teeth? Try Kor for the best whitening results! We are offering complimentary Kor whitening consultations at our Greenwich Village, 10011 dental office. Call Keith Bracy, DDS today at 212-390-8399.




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