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Financial Info

Our goal is to provide you with an array of financial options, so cost is never a barrier to your oral healthcare. You deserve the best quality dentistry and understand dental treatment can be a significant investment. 

Payment for Services

We gladly accept cash, personal check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express as forms of payment. Payment is due at time of service.

Financing Dental Treatment

If you are interested in financing your dental treatment, we offer 0% interest payment plans through CareCredit. Please visit CareCredit online to learn about this convenient option to spread your payments out over several months.

More information about this service:

Membership Club

Don’t have insurance? No problem! You can receive all your preventative care like dental cleanings, exams, and x-rays at a low monthly fee and receive discounts on other services! 

Our dental subscription plan is a revolutionary alternative to the dental insurance model. Contact us to learn about the plan. Pricing is upfront and clearly stated. Don’t let a lack of dental insurance be a barrier to care!

Our dental membership is also great for senior citizens and others that lack coverage through an employer. We have met many patients dissatisfied with HMO, DMO, and ACA health exchange plans due to their restrictive nature and low coverage. Our membership is a great alternative!  


We are also happy to help you maximize your dental insurance benefits. When you come to your first appointment, we will be happy to preform a complimentary benefits check and let you know what your plan covers. Most of our patients can use their PPO and PDP type dental plans at our office. 

As a courtesy, we will handle all your insurance claims and accept assignment of benefits if your plan allows. 

Please note that Dr. Bracy is not contracted with any insurance company. Why? Because we believe in working only for our patients with a focus on the quality of care and treatment options we provide. Our non-contracted status allows us to spend more time with patients and use the highest quality dental instruments, materials, and labs. In some cases, it also allows us to offer greater treatment options with fewer restrictions. 


Discounts and Incentives

5% Prepayment/Bookkeeping Discount

This is for care paid for at the time of scheduling the appointment. We can offer this discount for two reasons. First, it saves us many hours on billing and bookkeeping time because we do not have to worry about mailing invoices and calling you for payment. Second, patients who prepaid are more likely to return for their appointment in a timely fashion and get the care they need!

Example of how the discount works: You had your dental exam, and your treatment plan was presented as needing, “xyz procedure.” When you schedule the appointment at your exam visit and prepay, you receive this discount. The discount is also passed on to your dental insurance carrier’s portion of the payment.

Example of how the discount does not work: You had your dental exam, and your treatment plan was presented as needing, “xyz procedure.” You scheduled your “xyz procedure appointment” and return for it. You decide to pay at the treatment visit when “xyz procedure” is started or performed. You will not receive the discount. 

10% Senior Citizen Discount

We know many seniors lack dental insurance coverage and want to make dental care more accessible. 

Frequently Asked Questions

porcelain crown | dentist | 10011 | west villageYes, Keith Bracy, DDS is a best dentist in 10011 for all ceramic crowns. Visit our Chelsea dental office today to see if you are a candidate for an all ceramic or porcelain crown. Yes, you have a choice in restorative materials for your new dental crown. There are several types of crowns used in dentistry throughout the years.

First, what is a crown in dentistry? A crown, sometimes called a “cap”, refers to a full coverage restoration. In other words, it’s a cap or a covering for your tooth. The crown covers the remaining tooth structure, adding protection and stability to a compromised tooth. Your tooth might need a crown if your tooth has a large cavity, failed filling, or fracture. At our 10011 dental office, we usually do the crown procedure in 2 visits. The first visit, Keith Bracy, DDS will prepare your tooth to certain dimensions and digital scan will be taken. The scan is sent to a lab, where a crown will be designed digitally and made by a computer milling machine. This technology offers highly precise, beautiful dental crowns that fit well. Dr. Bracy finds that the digitally scanned crowns have less problems compared to those made with a traditional putty material. The turnaround time is also very quick! We get most crowns back from the lab within 3-5 days. During the lab fabrication time, you will wear a temporary crown fabricated by Dr. Bracy.

So what are your choices for crown materials? Most patients rarely ask what kind of crown, Dr. Bracy will fabricate, but it is important to know that you do have options in our West Village dental office.

Today, most patients have high esthetic demands and do not want to see any metal. Thus, metal-free crowns, often referred to as all porcelain or all ceramic crowns are increasingly popular. Two of the most popular “metal-free” crowns are called Emax crowns and Zirconia crowns. An Emax crown is made from lithium disilicate and is a very cosmetic looking restoration. This material bonds relatively well to tooth structure, so it might be a good solution for someone who has crowns that come off a lot. The Emax material is very strong, but not as strong as the all Zirconia option. Zirconia crowns, often referred to by the brand name “Bruxzir” are made from a crystalline zirconia oxide and offer relatively more strength. These crowns offer an excellent choice for a patient that grinds their teeth or has a history of breaking dental restorations. Zirconia crowns have become more esthetic and cosmetic looking, however, many claim the Emax crowns have higher translucency and esthetics. Bonding a Zirconia crown to your tooth is a very sensitive process, and the bond may be less predictable than an Emax crown if certain protocols are not followed.

A more traditional type of dental crown if referred to as a “PFM”. “PFM” stands for “porcelain fused to metal”. This type of crown has a proven track record in dentistry, with hundreds of thousands in service over several decades. This type of crown offers the strength and fit of metal (the inside of the crown) with the esthetics and beauty of porcelain (the outside of the crown). The one cosmetic problem with these crowns is that in certain situations, the metal can show through at the gum line. Have you ever noticed a person with some purple or metal colored discoloration at their gum line around a tooth? Chances are you are seeing the thin margin of metal that can show through from a PFM crown. For this reason alone, many patients and dentists have started to abandon this type of crown.

Want to show some dental bling or flare in Chelsea? If so, perhaps an all gold crown is the choice for you! Gold is one of the best dental materials, even in 2019! It is anti-bacterial and offers an excellent fitting crown with a good seal if done properly. Gold crowns can look very pretty, shiny, and nice in the eyes of the right beholder. Other patients find gold crowns to be rather ugly, but Dr. Bracy is a fan! The one downside of gold crowns is that they can be expensive with the rising price of gold, but it is still an excellent investment in your oral health.

Obviously, we don’t know which the best type of crown is for you until you come in for a dental consult in our West Village office! Dr. Bracy will be happy to provide you with an exam and explain the best dental crown material type for you!


root canal | endodontics | west village Yes, we preform root canal therapy in our West Village dental office. Root canal therapy, sometimes referred to as “endo”, are procedures within the field of Endodontics. During a root canal the nervous tissue of the tooth is cleaned out and the canals of the tooth are cleaned and shaped. A final filling material is placed within the canals to seal them and keep bacteria out. Keith Bracy, DDS performs many types of root canal procedures. However, some teeth may require the skills of a root canal specialist, called an “endodontist”. The teeth that require a root canal specialist are many molar teeth and those with extra canals or unique canal systems. Don’t worry if you need an endodontist! We can coordinate one to come to our West Village dental office or can refer you to one in the neighborhood if needed.

It is important to return general dental office after a root canal within 2 weeks to have a final restoration placed on the tooth. The root canal specialist will leave the tooth with a temporary filling. A final, stronger restoration must be placed on the tooth to keep it protected. In most cases, this is a crown. Keith Bracy, DDS is happy to evaluate your root canal treated tooth and let you know the best option for you. Call us at our West Village office at 212-390-8399.

Yes, we are excited to introduce our dental hygienist, Shirley Tam to our West Village, NYC dental practice. Shirley has years of experience in dental hygiene and is eager to meet all of our new and existing patients. Dental hygienists have at least 2 years of academic training the field of dental hygiene and specialize in dental cleanings, non-surgical periodontal treatments like “deep cleanings” (also known as quadrant scaling and root planning), oral hygiene instruction, and giving you overall dental advice such as how to lower your risk for dental cavities. Shirley also helps out with our in-office Kor whitening system! Shirley is currently available for Friday appointments. The other days of the week, Dr. Bracy is happy to perform your dental cleanings and take care of your dental hygiene needs.

Our philosophy on dental cleaning visits is patient-centered care. We believe dental hygiene is important and visits should not be rushed! We book at least 1 hour of time for any dental cleaning and want you to develop a trusted relationship with your hygienist. Keith Bracy, DDS, PLLC is located in the West Village, but also close to Chelsea, Flatiron and Union Square neighborhoods. You can book an appointment online or call us at 212-390-8399.

Our mission at Keith Bracy, DDS is to provide the highest quality oral healthcare with a focus on personalized care. This means we use the highest quality materials, dental labs, instruments and dental technologies. We allot ample time to maximize your time with your dental providers and develop a trusting relationship. Visits are never rushed and we encourage you to ask questions, and be in contact with us. We believe in focusing on your comfort and satisfaction and provide amenities to make your visit the most comfortable it can be.

Our West Village, NYC dental office was built in 2018 and has all new equipment, featuring a 3M digital scanner to replace putty impressions, Cliosoft digital imagining to reduce radiation exposure during x-rays, and the TurboVue illuminated scaler to give you the best dental cleaning.

We have two oral healthcare providers at our NYC practice. Dr. Bracy is owner and the sole general dentist and Shirley Tam, RDH is our dental hygienist. We believe in treating you like family, and are here to answer all your dental questions. If your care requires a specialist such as an endodontist (root canal specialist), we can often have the specialist come to our office instead of being referred out.

At Keith Bracy, DDS we believe in honest, straight-forward dental care and advice. We know you have many choices in Manhattan for your dental care, and aim to be best dental providers we can be. We don’t believe in gimmicky, tired dental marketing such as calling our office a “dental spa” or “dental bar”– we know our patients are smarter than that.

We provide the full range of dental services including dental cleanings and exams, digital x-rays, root canal therapy, white fillings, Invisalign, ceramic crowns and bridges, dentures and partial dentures, and dental implants to name a few.  Stop by our dental office on 12th St if you’d like to meet us or schedule your first appointment.

If you have difficulty using our website, please email us or call us at (212) 390-8399
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We are dedicated to delivering the safest and finest oral healthcare during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are open and available for all dental care. Our office is following all CDC and ADA guidelines for safe dental care. 

Please feel free to contact us to learn what we are doing to keep you