KöR Teeth Whitening in West Village, NYC

Introduction to KöR Teeth Whitening 

In our West Village dental office, Dr. Keith Bracy focuses on KöR Whitening for the most exceptionally white teeth. Teeth whitening is a fun and safe cosmetic dental procedure that can take years off your appearance and improve your confidence. The market for teeth whitening products has grown exponentially, and it is likely you might have already tried teeth whitening products like Crest Whitestrips or Zoom! Whitening. Many patients report past disappointing results, and this is why Dr. Bracy specializes in the best teeth whitening system, KöR. Call us at 212-390-8399 or click on one of the appointment booking options above to schedule a complimentary KöR Whitening consultation.

Why KöR Whitening?

Dr. Bracy is a top NYC KöR Whitening provider and only uses KöR due to its predictability. The KöR teeth whitening system provides optimum results because of the continuously refrigerated, high-potency teeth bleach applied using the most scientific protocols. Every step of the KöR process is highly detailed to ensure the whitest shade of teeth. There are no gimmicky lights or disgusting charcoal whitening toothpastes to apply, rather a fastidious process to produce the exceptional results. 

Steps in the KöR Whitening Process

First, Dr. Bracy will select the KöR Whitening protocol best for your needs at your complimentary KöR Whitening consultation. The whitening systems vary by the amount of at-home applications and in-office treatments. You will discuss your current and desired teeth shades, and photos of your teeth will be taken so that you can track the “before” and “after” results. 

Then, Dr. Bracy will take impressions of your teeth using a proprietary method called the KöR Bite-Down technique that ensures the most accurate teeth molds. Next, we will send your impressions to the KöR laboratory where they will make custom KöR-seal whitening trays. The trays are fabricated in painstaking detail by technicians specializing in the best-sealed whitening trays. The accuracy of the dental impression and whitening tray detail ensure optimum whitening because any slight error will allow saliva to get into the tray and dilute the teeth whitening bleach. 

Next, your highly potent, KöR teeth bleach gel and custom whitening trays will arrive by overnight, refrigerated shipping to our New York City dental office. Using the freshest KöR teeth bleach and refrigerated shipping are a must since both time and heat hinder the efficacy of the teeth bleach. 

Dr. Bracy will deliver your whitening trays and start you on your whitening protocol, depending on the KöR system selected. Most cases involve two weeks of at-home teeth whitening and then one in-office whitening session. However, the tetracycline and more difficult cases will be prescribed a different application protocol. The method of application will be reviewed thoroughly with Dr. Bracy since this affects the whitening results.

After you complete your whitening protocol, you’ll finally have the white teeth you’ve always wanted! A maintenance protocol consisting of at-home “touch-up” sessions will ensure your results are long-lasting and permanent.

Will My Teeth Be Sensitive from KöR Whitening?

Most patients report minimal discomfort and sensitivity when using KöR. The system comes with a proprietary desensitizing agent that is applied daily to your teeth. Dr. Bracy also recommended patients use Sensodyne toothpaste for two weeks before starting teeth whitening. 

I Have Tetracycline Stains. Will KöR Work?

Yes, there is a KöR Whitening protocol for tetracycline stained teeth, and it does work! Many patients with tetracycline stained teeth have been told than dental veneers are the only option to improve the shade of the teeth, and are very happy they decided to use KöR as an alternative cosmetic dental treatment option.

What about Laser Teeth Whitening and Blue Lights I Used in My Past Whitening?

Perhaps you had a large blue light placed on your teeth during your Zoom! Whitening, or saw a snap of your friend on social media, whitening their teeth with a blue light? Maybe you overheard someone in Chelsea, raving about laser teeth whitening? 

Dr. Bracy can confidently inform you no lights and lasers are needed, and these are mostly marketing gimmicks and dental myths. Many “laser” teeth whitening sessions do not use a laser at all, but a weak blue light. Teeth whitening product manufacturers continue to promote these lights because they look “cool” and provide another item that justifies the price of the whitening system. Many dentists continue to use such lights because they do not know better, or because patients demand them. Most research studies (not subsided or done by teeth whitening companies) do not support the use of whitening lights. The light may increase the speed of whitening reaction, but does not help to achieve better whitening results, and may cause extra sensitivity and damage to the tooth or surrounding gum tissue. 

The American Dental Association (ADA) Statement on the Safety and Efficacy of Tooth Whitening Products also clearly informs the public that research does not show any additional benefits of a light-activated whitening system. Dr. Bracy’s mission is to provide you with the most honest, straightforward dental advice and does not use or endorse light-activated teeth systems because it is not supported by research. 

Where Can I Find KöR Whitening in NYC?

Dr. Bracy is passionate about improving the shade and appearance of your teeth with KöR Whitening! Our Manhattan dental office is conveniently located in the West Village, neighboring Chelsea, Greenwich Village, and Flatiron.