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Who is Not a Candidate for Invisalign or Clear Aligner Therapy?

August 7, 2019
Posted By: Keith Bracy
Invisalign | dentist in west village ny

Advertising for Invisalign and clear aligner therapy is a part of life for busy New Yorkers! You can only go a few blocks in Greenwich Village without seeing an advertisement for straightening your teeth without braces. You might wonder if you are a candidate for Invisalign? You can find plenty of positive Invisalign stories, affirming the treatment is right for you, but keep reading this blog post if you want to learn who isn’t a good candidate for Invisalign. So, who is not a candidate? 

  • The Non-Compliant Patient – For Invisalign to work properly, the clear aligner must apply a constant force to the teeth.  The emphasis here is on “constant”, so be prepared to wear your Invisalign at least 20 hours a day, if not 22. If you are not motivated to wear your Invisalign, then it is not the dental treatment for you. Non-compliant Invisalign patients do not have great results and often hit a lot of setbacks. Perhaps, considering traditional braces with an orthodontist is a better treatment option since it removes compliance from the equation.
  • Patients with active gum disease and cavities. Yes, as a NYC dentist, we get it – you want straight teeth and you want them ASAP.  However, if you have active gum disease or cavities, you should get these conditions treated first. Why? Because putting Invisalign over a tooth with a cavity can make it worse and moving teeth with gum disease can also make them lose and harm them. Gum disease and cavities are often silent conditions and you might not even know if you have them. Get routine x-rays, dental exam and cleaning before you consider straightening your teeth and keep on track with your oral health. Dr. Bracy can help you with all these things at our West Village dental office.
  • Some Growing Patients – Invisalign treatment can be done successfully on a variety of conditions for growing and adolescent patients. However, Dr. Bracy recommends patients under 20 years old, see an orthodontist for a consultation before considering clear aligners. At ages, where the jaw and teeth are still forming, other orthodontic appliances may be better suited. Such cases include patients that have misshaped or misaligned teeth arches and jaws. Also, growing patients can often fall into the first category described here as “the non-compliant patient”. Some kids and teens might lack the discipline and maturity to wear clear aligners with consistency and might consider braces as a better option.

Keith Bracy, DDS hopes you found this article on Invisalign to be interesting! Please call our Greenwich Village dental office if you want to learn more about straightening your teeth. We can let you know if you are an Invisalign candidate, and if you aren’t find the best solution for you. We offer free Invisalign consults and often have “Invisalign Special” pricing.  

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