Porcelain Veneers in Greenwich Village, NY.

Getting Porcelain Veneers in Chelsea, NYC

As a Chelsea cosmetic dentist, Dr. Keith Bracy is an expert at providing long-lasting, beautiful dental veneers. Veneers are an excellent option to improve the appearance, shape, size, and shade of your teeth. A dental veneer is a very thin, custom-made piece of porcelain that is permanently cemented to the tooth. Today’s advances in dental materials and cosmetic dentistry make veneers an attractive treatment option. Book your cosmetic consultation online today with Dr. Bracy! 

Conditions Porcelain Veneers Improve

  • Discolored teethporcelain veneers | greenwich village | new york
  • Gummy smiles
  • Certain malocclusions or bite conditions
  • Misshaped teeth
  • Too short or long teeth
  • Uneven smile lines 
  • Unattractive tooth textures such as mottled enamel

The Veneer Procedure in 10011

Stop by our West Village, Chelsea NYC dental office for a cosmetic consultation with Dr. Bracy. You can also book your consultation online through our website or call (212) 390-8399. 

Have your veneer “mockup” session with Dr. Bracy. See real models of what your teeth will look like before committing to them.

Dr. Bracy will prepare your teeth for the veneers by removing a thin layer of the tooth enamel and reshaping the teeth. A dental impression will be taken, and temporary veneers will be inserted. Your case will be sent to the highest quality dental veneer laboratories for fabrication.

Try in your veneers and have them permanently cemented. There should be no surprises as to how your final teeth look, given the initial cosmetic “mockup.”
veneers | greenwich village | new yorkEnjoy your beautiful, natural porcelain veneers! Today’s veneers are highly unnoticeable and esthetically pleasing. They should not look fake and will be easy to maintain. 

Pros and Cons of Porcelain Veneers

The major benefit or “pro” of porcelain veneers are a dramatic and permanent change in the size, shape, color, and overall appearance of the tooth. The porcelain veneer procedure takes less time than other cosmetic dental procedures like Invisalign and braces. In just a couple of visits, you can the smile you have always wanted.

One of the major “cons” of dental veneers is that the procedure is irreversible. Once you have veneers placed, you can’t go back. Porcelain veneers are long-lasting and can remain in service for decades, but they need to be maintained. If you have veneers, or are planning on them, you should maintain regular dental check-ups and consider a night guard to protect them. 

Even with excellent care, it is not unusual to have a veneer that cracks or needs replacement over time. Some patients are not ready for this commitment and consider more conservative, cosmetic dental procedures like a combination of KöR® Whitening and Invisalign. Dr. Bracy is more than happy to discuss the right cosmetic treatment option for you at our West Village, NYC dental office! 

How Does Dr. Bracy Ensure the Best Looking Veneers in NYC?

Not all veneers are the same, and there are several factors you should consider when selecting a cosmetic dentist like Dr. Keith Bracy for veneers. 

First, find a cosmetic dentist that will provide you with a “mock-up” of how your teeth will look with veneers. Dr. Bracy will take impressions of your teeth and provide you with a real model of what your veneered teeth will look like. This helps communication between you, Dr. Bracy, and the ceramist creating your custom veneers. 

Second, inquire about which dental laboratory is used.  Dr. Bracy uses only the highest quality dental laboratories, specializing in porcelain veneers. The ceramist in the dental laboratory is just as important as the dentist you chose. 

How Many Veneers Will I Need?

This largely depends on your cosmetic dental needs and desires for your new smile. Some patients will benefit from a single veneer to dramatically improve their smile, while others need up anywhere from 2-20. Don’t postpone making a change or investment in yourself and smile. There is no obligation to proceed with porcelain veneers after a consultation with Dr. Bracy.