Emergency Dentistry in Greenwich Village, NYC

You might have to search for an emergency dentist when you least expect it, but there is no need to suffer through the symptoms. We are here to help. emergency dentist greenwich ny | dr keith bracy dentistry

Our Greenwich Village, NYC dental office is equipped to handle your dental emergencies and urgent dental care needs. If you are having a dental emergency such as a toothache, knocked-out tooth, or gum infection, please contact Dr. Keith Bracy, our top West Village dentist, for help.

If you have a life-threatening emergency, however, please go to your nearest emergency room or dial 911. For dental emergencies during regular business hours, please call our dental office at 212-390-8399. 

Also, continue reading to learn more about how we handle dental emergencies at our Greenwich Village dental office.

What are common dental emergencies in Greenwich Village?

Our emergency dentist in Greenwich Village treats all kinds of dental emergencies. His goal is always to relieve your anxiety and pain and restore your smile's health. When you come to our office for your dental emergency, expect your dentist and his team to rally!

Common dental emergencies in Greenwich Village include:

  • Broken or fractured teeth
  • Teeth and gum infections
  • Fillings, crowns, or veneers that pop off
  • Toothaches and severe dental pain
  • Bleeding gums and sores in the mouth
  • Cut lips
  • Dental trauma and accidents
  • Broken dentures and partial dentures
  • Pimple on the gum (often a sign of a severe tooth infection)
  • Painful and infected cold sores
  • Burning tongue and mouth
  • Mouth swelling and inflammation
  • Root infections that require root canal therapy

No matter how small, if you think it is a dental emergency, then so does Dr. Keith Bracy. Come to our West Village dental office for careful diagnosis and treatment of your dental emergency. We always make time to accommodate dental emergencies in our schedule. If your dental emergency requires the care of a dental specialist like an oral surgeon, an endodontist (root canal specialist), or a periodontist (gum disease dentist), we can easily arrange that care for you in the West Village and Greenwich Village area. 

Can my emergency dentist in Greenwich Village ease my pain?

Your emergency dentist in Greenwich Village, NYC will take steps to ease your pain immediately and provide all aftercare instructions to help you recuperate at home, too.

Dr. Bracy can numb the area thoroughly before beginning treatment, and our team takes steps to make you feel relaxed and comfortable during your emergency dental appointment in Greenwich Village.

If my temporary crown comes off, is it a dental emergency?

Temporary crowns that pop off during eating are nothing to stress about! If your temporary crown comes off, let Dr. Bracy know, and we can schedule you to have it recemented. If it is the weekend or you are traveling, leave it off and call Dr. Bracy for advice.

The tooth will likely be sensitive without the temporary crown, but keep the area clean with some Sensodyne toothpaste until your emergency appointment with Dr. Bracy. Also, try to chew on the other side over the weekend and keep your mouth clean in the meantime.

What should I do if my tooth is knocked out?

If you suffered a trauma, we always recommend going to the emergency room. However, if your tooth was knocked out without trauma, pick up the tooth—taking care not to handle the root. Gently rinse off the tooth and restore it to the empty socket. If this is not possible, keep the tooth wet (in a glass of water perhaps) and contact our office immediately.

With timely intervention by a skilled emergency dentist in Greenwich Village, there is a chance that we can permanently restore your tooth to the socket.

If the tooth is badly damaged and we are unable to save it, we offer a variety of tooth replacement choices to help you regain your smile, including:

  • Partial dentures
  • Dental implants
  • Dental bridges

Do you do root canals in 10011?

An infected tooth root can start with few noticeable symptoms—maybe a little tooth sensitivity at the beginning. This is why it’s essential to contact your dentist in Greenwich Village if you notice sensitivity that does not go away or other oral health changes.

An infected tooth root can become painful very quickly.

Signs that you need a root canal include:

  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Toothache
  • Gum swelling
  • Blister or bump on your gum

We perform gentle root canal therapy in our West Village dental office. Root canal therapy, sometimes referred to as endo is a procedure within the field of endodontics. During a root canal, the infected tooth root and pulp is gently but thoroughly removed to ease your pain and help restore you to optimal oral health.  A final filling material is placed within the canal to seal it and keep bacteria out.

Dr. Bracy performs many types of root canal procedures. However, some teeth may require the skills of a root canal specialist called an endodontist. The teeth that require a root canal specialist are many molar teeth and those with extra canals or unique canal systems. Don’t worry if you need an endodontist! We can coordinate one to come to our West Village dental office or can refer you to one in the neighborhood if needed.

It is important to return to our general dental office after a root canal—typically within two weeks—to have a final restoration placed on the treated tooth. Occasionally, a filling will do the trick. However, in most cases, this final restoration will be a dental crown.

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cover that goes over a weak tooth to provide support and restore function. It is always designed to match the color and shape of your natural teeth.

What if I'm not a patient and don't have insurance?

Dental emergencies don’t wait for the right time! Perhaps you are visiting NYC for a weekend getaway, and you broke a tooth? Or maybe you have no dental insurance? Relax! You do not need to be an existing patient of Dr. Bracy's nor have any dental insurance to come in for treatment.

We offer a variety of flexible payment plans through CareCredit and also accept cash and all major credit cards. If you do have dental insurance such as PPO type plans from MetLife, Aetna, Assurant, Principal, Guardian, or Cigna, your insurance plan often provides coverage for your emergency dental visit. 

Start feeling better and get your urgent care dental needs sorted out by Dr. Bracy today! Our office is located in Greenwich Village, but we see patients from all over New York City. Our office is easy to walk to from Chelsea and Greenwich Village and is accessible from any point in NYC! Book online or call us at 212-390-8399.

How can I avoid dental emergencies in the future?

emergency dentist in greenwich village | dr keith bracyRegular dental visits such as having a dental cleaning and exam every six months are the key to detect and treat dental conditions before they become emergencies.

We also recommend brushing and flossing regularly and avoiding sugary and acidic snacks.

Wearing a nightguard if you grind or clench your teeth—such as the Comfort Hard/Soft bite splint—can reduce damage to your teeth and dental restorations, preventing emergencies.

If you play contact sports, ask Dr. Bracy about fabricating a custom sports mouthguard like the PlaySafe® brand. Mouthguards protect your teeth from impact and blunt trauma.

Call Now for Your Dental Emergency in Greenwich Village

Don’t suffer through a dental emergency. Pain is an indicator that something is wrong, and we don’t want you to risk your smile. Call a member of our team immediately to relieve your pain and restore your dental health.