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Dental Cleanings in Greenwich Village

April 11, 2019
Posted By: Keith Bracy
dental cleanings in Greenwich village | hygienist Shirley Tam

We offer the full scope of dental cleanings and routine dental care at Keith Bracy, DDS. We are conveniently located in 10011, in the West Village, close to Chelsea. Your cleaning will either be performed by Dr. Keith Bracy or the hygienist, Shirley Tam, RDH.

What happens during your dental cleaning visit? First, you’ll meet with Dr. Bracy and discuss your medical and dental history. You can let us know your dental concerns and your past history of routine dental x-rays. Dr. Bracy will advise if any check-up x-rays are needed before your dental cleaning. You will also have a dental checkup. The dental check-up starts with an exam of your jaw. Let us know if you have any issues with jaw pain, grinding, etc. The dental exam will proceed to an oral cancer screening. Let us know your history of tobacco usage and any other oral cancer risk factors. Finally, we will get to your teeth checkup. Dr. Bracy will carefully examine your teeth for cavities, failing fillings, and wear.

After examining your gums, we can determine the type of dental cleaning you need. Types of dental cleanings:

  • “Deep Cleaning” or “Quadrant Scaling and Root Planing” – if you have gum disease, this type of cleaning is often recommended. Significant tartar below the gum line, pockets in your gum tissue, and severe gum inflammation are all indications for the deep dental cleaning in the West Village, NYC. For this type of dental cleaning, we will numb your gums so you do not feel discomfort. Dr. Bracy or Shirley will use usltrasonic instruments and scalers to reach down far below the gum line to areas that a toothbrush cannot reach. Infected tissue and bacteria are removed from the root surface of the tooth. Usually only 1-2 quadrants are done at one time. You can request nitrous oxide or laughing gas if you are dental phobic. After this dental cleaning, be careful while you are still numb. You might have some soreness and minor bleeding in the gums, take your usual over the counter pain reliever like Advil or Tylenol if needed. And finally, work on your oral hygiene routine at home! Shirley and Dr. Bracy are happy to instruct you on proper toothbrush technique and provide advice on which toothpaste, mouthwash, floss, is best for you! We believe in providing the best, personalized dental care in NYC. After 4-6 weeks post “deep cleaning”, you should return for a re-evaluation of your gum health. We will recheck your pockets and inflammation levels. Most times, your gums will return to good health after this non-surgical treatment of you gum disease. Other times, if there is not improvement, you will need to see a gum disease specialist, called a “periodontist” to see if further gum treatments are needed.
  • “Dental Cleaning” or “Prophylaxis” or “Prophy” – The most common request for new patients in our NYC dental office is “I need a dental cleaning”. Who doesn’t want that “dentist clean” feeling? Regular homecare and hygiene is a must, but it only goes so far. Having regular professional cleanings is important to remove plaque, bacteria and staining that you are missing at home. Every day research shows the importance of dental hygiene and professional cleanings. Removal of oral bacteria and reduction of gum inflammation is important to your overall health. Many studies have linked gum disease with heart disease, premature term and low weight births, and diabetes among other chronic health conditions. Set a goal to get your regular dental cleanings every 6 months. Find a “dental home” in Greenwich Village area, where you feel comfortable getting your teeth cleaned. During a regular dental cleaning, Dr. Bracy or Shirley Tam, RDH will use the latest dental cleaning technologies to ensure the best dental cleaning! Our turbovue ultrasonic scaler has a special light on it that allows Dr. Bracy and Shirley to see hidden plaque and tartar. We use the finest dental scalers from Hu-Friedy.  Finally, we will customize polishing your teeth to your needs. We have various types of polishing systems to remove extrinsic stains and make your teeth smooth and white. If you need a fluoride treatment, we can do this too.

How often do you need your teeth cleaned?

No two patients are alike, and the frequency of your dental cleaning should not be dictated by insurance.  At Keith Bracy, DDS our goal is healthy teeth and gums for life! You may start out needed a deep dental cleaning and cleanings every 3-4 months, but it is our hope with proper instruction and periodontal care that we hope to get you on a 6 months schedule. You’ll be all smiles on 12th street after you visit our dental office located at 100 west 12th Street, New York, NY 10011.



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