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Root Canals | greenwich village ny | Keith Bracy DDS

Root Canals in Greenwich Village

June 25, 2019
Posted By: Keith Bracy
root canal | greenwich village | Keith Bracy DDS

Are you looking for a root canal doctor in Greenwich Village, NYC? Look no further than the dental office of Keith Bracy, DDS. At our caring dental office on West 12th street, we provide the full scope of root canal procedures.

What is a root canal?

Root canal therapy is the procedure in dentistry in which the canal system of the tooth is cleaned, shaped, disinfected and filled with a rubber filling material. The canal system of the tooth is in the middle of the tooth and extends out into the roots. Root canal therapy is also known as “endodontic therapy”, and the dental specialty of root canals is called “endodontics”.

Why do I need a root canal?

Root canal therapy is needed when the nerve and tissue inside the root canal becomes infected, exposed or necrotic.

The most common cause of needing a root canal is if you have a cavity that spreads into the nerve or root canal part of the tooth. When this happens, bacteria spreads into the canal system causing it to become inflamed and infected. This might cause you some tooth pain. The nerve of the tooth might also die or become necrotic. In this case, you might not have any tooth pain. The root canal procedure will clean out this bacteria and help return your tooth to a healthy state.

A second source of root canal infection is a fractured tooth. When a tooth fractures in a certain way, bacteria can enter the root canal system and you’ll need to have the endodontic procedure done if it can save the tooth.

A third reason why Chelsea dentist preform root canal therapy is because of restorative procedures. In cases of broken down or decayed teeth sometimes a root canal is necessary before a tooth needs a crown on it. The root canal makes way for a post to be placed into the tooth that helps to retain the new restoration on the tooth.

These are just done of the reasons for this common dental procedure. If you are unsure why you need a root canal therapy, please give Dr. Bracy a call in his West Village dental office.

What are the symptoms of needing a root canal?

  • Toothache that keeps you up at night
  • A pimple on the gum next to tooth (this could be pus draining from your infected tooth)
  • A discolored or dark tooth – sometimes the color of the tooth changes when the nerve inside dies
  • A large cavity or hole in the tooth
  • Dental pain, fever or other signs of an infected tooth
  • Abnormalities on dental x-rays, diagnosed by your dentist

Where should I get my root canal done?

We are happy to see you in our Greenwich Village dental office to complete your root canal today! Keith Bracy, DDS will perform your root canal with the most modern instrumentation and techniques available. If your particular tooth requires a root canal specialist or endodontist, we have one on staff here at our dental office or we can refer you to a root canal specialty office in the neighborhood.



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