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Tips for Finding a New Dentist

January 6, 2020
Posted By: Keith Bracy

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2020. Tackling your dental care and finding a dentist might be on top of your resolution list. After all, taking care of our dental health is part of supporting a healthy lifestyle. Dental research is showing that oral health is related to your cardiovascular health, blood sugar control, healthy pregnancy, and a variety of other conditions. The time is now to find a dentist! Keith Bracy, DDS offers the full scope of general, cosmetic and implant dentistry in his West Village dental office. Here are some tips for finding a new dentist:


  1. Ask a Friend. Chance are your friends and family can offer you a word of mouth referral. Most dental practices like Keith Bracy, DDS strive to offer an excellent patient experience and in turn our patients are happy to refer our dental services to their friends and loved ones.  


  1. Read online reviews, but don’t worry if the practice has bad reviews as well! You can learn a lot about a dental practice from reading online reviews. Most dentists are small business owners who strive to create a welcoming, clean dental environment that their patients want to brag about online. If a practice has excellent online reviews, chances are you’ll have a good experience too. If there are a few bad reviews online, don’t sweat it. Dentists and their staff are people too and sometimes there are miscommunications and mishaps. Most of these events can be easily resolved and did not warrant a bad review online. Keith Bracy, DDS has excellent online reviews and has been rated 5 stars over and over! Check them out on our Yelp or Google Business listing!


  1. Don’t focus so much on your dental insurance.  News Flash: dental insurance is simply not that good at all. Most dental insurance plans provide a very limited benefit amount – averaging $1,000-$1,500 per year! This amount is very small compared to the true cost of the best dental care, it usually just covers basic care like dental check-ups and cleanings.  Furthermore, this benefit amount hasn’t increased since dental insurance became a thing in the 1970’s. So why would you pick your dentist based on your dental insurance? We aren’t sure since the benefit is so little and you usually can use your dental insurance benefits at any dentist. Chances are you will change your dental insurance several times in your lifetime as well. So our advice is to find a dentist office you feel comfortable going to. Instead of focusing on insurance coverage, see if the fees are affordable to you or the dentist is willing to offer you payment options and plans for when you need it. At our West Village dental office we strive to help you maximize your insurance benefits and offer a variety of payment options so cost is never the barrier to the best dental care.

Once you’ve found your “dental home”, stick with it! Prevention is the foundation of oral health. At Keith Bracy, DDS we will give you a recommended time to return for your next dental cleaning and find the patients with the least dental problems are the ones that keep up with their regular exams and cleanings. When we find dental problems when they are small, they can be solved with the least amount of time and money.

We are accepting new patients at our West Village Dental Office! We offer a judgment free environment, affordable dental care, and many popular dental procedures such as Kor Whitening, Invisalign and dental implants! Our West Village dental office is located at 100 West 12th Street and is accessed from street level.

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