Night Guards and Sports Mouth Guards in Greenwich Village, NYC

Prevention is key to maintaining your healthy teeth and gums. Damage from teeth grinding and sports-related injuries are no laughing matter! Keith Bracy, DDS fabricates custom night guards and sports mouth guards so that you can protect yourself from unwanted dental damage. Call our West Village, NYC dental office at (212) 390-8399 or book online to have a consult about a new custom night guard or sports mouth guard. 

Who Needs a Night Guard?night guards | greenwich village | new york

Patients that grind their teeth at night suffer from a condition called nocturnal bruxism. This type of grinding and gnashing of teeth causes wear and damage to your teeth, fillings, bridges, crowns, and other dental work. Some patients are aware that they grind at night while others are told by a family member or spouse. Dr. Bracy can also diagnose your grinding, during an exam of your jaws and TMJ (the joint that moves your jaws). 

Getting a custom night guard is easy! All it requires are some simple dental impressions. Dr. Bracy most frequently fabricates the Comfort Hard/Soft Bite Splint to protect your teeth. If you are in Chelsea or the West Village, stop by to look at a sample guard. The outside layer is hard and durable, to provide strong protection. The inside is soft and comfortable, so your teeth can rest in it. 

After you have your night guard fabricated, please bring it to your regular check-ups and dental cleanings. Dr. Bracy can professionally clean it in our ultrasonic bath, so it stays hygienic and fresh. 

Who Needs a Sports Guard?

Dr. Bracy fabricates PlaySafe Sports® Mouth Guards for both professional and amateur athletes. Citi bike users, Equinox Group Fitness class goers, and boxers may also consider a sports guard to protect their teeth against accidental trauma. 

sports guards | greenwich village | new yorkThe American Dental Association (ADA) reports that sports mouth guards prevent 200,000 oral injuries. The National Youth Sports Foundation reports that five million teeth are knocked out in sports-related accidents every year. A sports-related dental injury can be traumatic both physically and emotionally, especially when they involve the loss of front teeth. You’ll be happy that you made an appointment with Dr. Bracy in Chelsea, NYC for your custom sports guard.

Dentist-Made Night and Mouth Guards Vs. Store Bought

Dr. Bracy makes custom guards, unique to you and your teeth. They have superior fit, function, and retention compared to do-it-yourself products. Over-the-counter store options may be cheaper, but often, they are not as comfortable or do not do the job they were intended for. “Boil-and-bite” mouth guards do not fit as accurately, and many athletes report their ability to breathe is compromised. 

Some patients grind right through store night guards. In other cases, patients can do damage to their bite with these store products. If you are night grinder, it is also essential to be under the care of a dentist. Some patients might need additional treatments including BOTOX®, medication, or specialty jaw care from an oral surgeon. 

Will Dental Insurance Cover My Night Guard or Sports Mouth Guard?

Coverage varies widely. Many plans will pay 50-80 percent of the fee after your deductible, while others do not. Don’t stress, Dr. Bracy’s knowledgeable staff can check your dental benefits and provide you with the coverage information. 

If you do not have insurance, don’t worry! You don’t need dental insurance to have a new custom night guard or mouth guard! Join the Dr. Bracy Membership Club to receive your preventative dental care for a low monthly payment. Members also get 20 percent off the regular fee for night guards and mouth guards. 

Serving the Gay Community in NYC

Dr. Bracy is a gay-friendly dentist, proudly serving the LGBT community in NYC. If you are a member of a gay and lesbian sports team like Gotham Volleyball League or Big Apple Sports Leagues (including the bowling, kickball and dodgeball teams), ask for a 20 percent off custom sports mouth guard discount. 

Our West Village dental office has patients from all over New York City. We are an easy walk from any point in Chelsea, Greenwich Village, Flatiron, and Union Square. It is also easy to see Dr. Bracy from Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx – just take an Uber or any subway line that goes to 14th street.

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