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Modern Dentures in the West Village, NYC

June 20, 2019
Posted By: Keith Bracy
dentures | denture without palate | greenwich village ny

Are you looking for a new denture dentist in Chelsea? Are your current dentures not holding in? Curious about advances in dentures? Well, look no further than Keith Bracy, DDS in the West Village. Our beautiful, caring dental office is your one stop shop for a new pair of dentures.

In our local West Village community, there is an aging baby boomer population as well as many who have decided to retire here. As we age, some in this age group are not so fortunate to keep all their teeth. Thus, dentures are in strong demand here. Dentures are a significant investment in your time, finances, and the payoff is incredible to have functioning teeth and a beautiful smile again. In today’s blog post we will cover the types of dentures. Please remember to give our dental office at call at 212-390-8399 if you want to set up a denture consultation near me.

Types of Dentures

Complete Denture – just like the name states a complete denture replaces all the missing teeth. There are many reasons why someone might be missing all their teeth. Some include neglect, rampant decay, uncontrolled gum disease, certain medical problems, and genetic conditions. At our West Village dental office, we won’t judge you for the state of your oral health. We just want to make you get better, and help you replace your missing teeth. Traditional complete dentures rest on the jaw bones and are help in by a seal between the denture and the gums/jaw. You may need to use some denture adhesive to hold your complete dentures in.

Overdenture – Do you need a more retentive denture? An overdenture is one of the types of dentures that is more retentive and stable compared to a traditional complete denture. An overdenture has attachments in it that rest on dental implants or teeth.  Most patients opt for overdentures today, as the extra retention is priceless. An overdenture stays in your mouth securely during the day and it is removed by the patient for cleaning and at night. As a further bonus, many overdentures can be made with the palate removed. Most patients are relieved to have a denture that does not cover the roof of their mouth.

Hybrid Denture – A hybrid denture is an excellent choice for those patients that want something that they do not remove from their mouths at all! Chances are you’ve seen hybrid dentures advertised on TV or the radio. Quite simply, this is the “Cadillac” option for those wanting to replace their teeth with a denture secured by implants. However, they are not always better than overdentures. The overdenture can be more hygienic since it can be removed by the patient to clean. Also, depending on your smile and lip line, a hybrid denture might look funny depending on how your lip rests on your gums. Finally with hybrid dentures, you must be a candidate for dental implants because a certain number of dental implants are needed for the hybrid denture to secure to.

Partial Denture – these dentures replace just a few teeth. Traditional partial dentures are made from acrylic and metal, and have been used for decades to replace one to many missing teeth. Many patients have grown to like their partial dentures, but many decide on other methods to replace their missing teeth such as dental implants. We still make partial dentures at Keith Bracy, DDS in our West Village, NYC office.

Valplast or Flexible Partial Denture – these are partial dentures but made from flexible materials instead of acrylic and metal. Many patients prefer flexible dentures and find them more comfortable than acrylic dentures. Flexible dentures can also look more cosmetic since they do not have metal clasps. A very similar type of partial denture is called a Thermoplast denture, which is very similar to many flexible dentures.

Dental Flipper – A dental flipper is a removable option to replace 1 or a few teeth quickly. Dental flippers can often be made the same day or in a couple days if you need a tooth replacement fast. Sometimes an accident or emergency, dental infection, or fractured tooth happens and you need to have a replacement tooth ASAP! Dental flippers are not meant to be a long term solution to replace teeth, but can work quite well in the short term.

At our 10011 dental office, we will take great care of your needs. Keith Bracy, DDS offers quality dentures, you’ll be all smiles at our West 12th street dental office. We utilize the latest technologies in denture fabrication including our digital impression scanner, which leads to very accurate dentures.

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