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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Invisalign Clear Braces

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We understand you may have some questions about particular dental procedures or if we are the right dental practice in NYC for you. Please browse the below information for some helpful information on the procedures we perform. 

If you have other unanswered questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 212-390-8399. Our friendly staff is on hand to answer your questions and welcome you to our new Chelsea, West Village NYC dental office! 

Invisalign Clear Braces

No, it is not advised to drink coffee with your Invisalign clear aligners in place! The color of the coffee will stain the clear aligners, and the warmth can cause distortion in the aligner material. If the Invisalign aligners are stained, they will be unsightly. If the Invisalign aligners are distorted they will not work correctly.  Stop by our West Village dental office to ask Dr. Bracy about more tips and tricks on Invisalign treatment!

In most cases, the answer is yes. A dental implant cannot be moved like a regular tooth as the implant body is fixed, integrated into your jaw bone. Invisalign, clear aligners, and traditional orthodontics cannot move dental implants. Thus, if you have a dental implant and are considering orthodontics, your treatment plan will be made taking this into consideration. If you have a one or two dental implants, in most cases the movement of teeth adjacent to the implant can be planned for a successful outcome. However, if you have no remaining natural teeth or a high number of dental implants in certain positions, Invisalign or clear aligner therapy is probably not for you. The only way to know is to have a consultation with a dentist or orthodontist and have the details of your particular situation examined. Call Keith Bracy, DDS today at 212-390-8399 to set up your consultation.

kor whitening | invisalign | chelsea nyThe short answer is no. Keith Bracy, DDS does not recommend it.  Contrary to the advice of dentists and orthodontists, using an Invisalign aligner to hold your whitening gel may lead to poor results or be unsafe. Why? Because a clear aligner does not provide the proper seal for whitening gel to stay in the tray. Look closely at the seal of an Invisalign aligner – the aligner usually ends before the gum line and there often isn’t a tight seal between the Invisalign aligner and the tooth due to the rigidity of the Invisalign aligner material. Thus, whitening gel can easily escape the Invisalign aligner and saliva can also enter. Both of these scenarios lead to inconsistent and poor whitening results. Obviously, if gel can escape the Invisalign aligner, it is not able to do its job and can cause burning on the gums or a bitter taste in your mouth. Furthermore, if saliva can enter the Invisalign aligner, it will wash out the bleaching gel and can also degrade the active ingredient very quickly.

If you want to whiten your teeth and you are considering Invisalign, do it the right way! Try KoR Whitening at Keith Bracy, DDS. You will immediately see the difference between a Kor seal tray and an Invisalign aligner. One of the reasons why Kor is considered the most effective whitening system on the market, is because the whitening tray is so well made. Whitening gel cannot escape the Kor seal tray and saliva cannot enter it, thus the tooth is in contact with whitening gel all night, leading to outstanding results. Conversely, an Invisalign aligner was made to straighten teeth, not hold whitening gel against the tooth.

Professional whitening with Kor and Invisalign clear aligner treatment are a popular cosmetic treatment option at our Chelsea Dental office. There is nothing better looking in terms of cosmetic dentistry than white, straight teeth! Professionally whitened teeth that are well-aligned often offer a more natural look than other cosmetic options such as porcelain veneers since you retain your natural teeth. Kor Whitening plus Invisalign is more cost-efficient versus porcelain veneers, depending on how many veneers are needed.

invisalign clear braces | invisalign | greenwich village We get it, an underbite is something most patients want to correct in the most non-invasive way. What is an underbite? In the ideal jaw and tooth position, your upper teeth will extend slightly over your bottom teeth. Also, in the ideal facial profile, your lower jaw does not extend out farther than the rest of your face. However, New York patients are not perfect and some of us live most of our lives with a non-ideal tooth or jaw position, known as an underbite. Many underbite patients tell us that they noticed how their lower jaw sticks out more than their classmates in highschool. Others, might have been told by a Greenwich Village dentist that their bite isn’t correct.

So what to do with an underbite? Can Invisalign help? It depends on the cause of your underbite. If your underbite is due to improper teeth position, Invisalign clear aligners can most likely treat it. If your underbite is caused by a skeletal problem such as having an excessively larger lower jaw, a surgical option in conjunction with Invisalign or traditional orthodontics is a better treatment option. The best way to know which the best treatment option for you is to visit your local dentist like Dr. Bracy. In our West Village dental office, we can diagnose your condition and get you the help you need to correct your underbite. If treating your underbite requires surgery or traditional orthodontics, we can refer you to the best specialists in our Chelsea and Greenwich Village community. Many underbites are due to genetics and the earlier in life they are detected and treated, the easier and better the outcomes. So do not delay seeking treatment.

Should I correct my underbite?

The most obvious reason to correct an underbite is esthetic reasons. Improving or reducing the appearance of an underbite can improve your confidence! However, correcting your underbite isn’t just so you will look like the most beautiful person walking down West 12th Street! It is also for health reasons. Underbites and non-ideal bites can cause excessive wear of teeth and lead to dental problems down the road such as excessively worn or fractured teeth. Having an underbite can also affect your ability to eat and chew properly, affecting your overall health.

Why should I choose Keith Bracy, DDS?

You’ll be happy you chose us for your Invisalign treatment! First, we offer a complimentary consult and scan for Invisalign treatment. We offer personalized, honest dental care in Greenwich Village in our caring dental office. If Invisalign isn’t the best treatment option for you, we will let you know! We utilize the latest dental technologies such as a digital scanner for your treatment. We will match any competitor fees and offer you affordable payment options. You’ll be all smiles with our dental office!

Yes, we are currently offering special incentives for Invisalign treatment. We are currently offering $500 off our usual fee of $6000 for the Invisalign full treatment and also include Vivera retainers with your treatment.

Also note, you might qualify for an even lower price if your case is a shorter case or only needs simple movements. Invisalign Express 10, Express 5 and Invisalign Lite are used in cases where only 5, 10 or 14 clear aligners are needed for your treatment. This can dramatically lower your out-of-pocket cost for Invisalign.  

Invisalign | greenwich village nyDental coverage for Invisalign and orthodontic treatment varies widely. The only real way to know if your plan covers Invisalign is to do a benefits check. Dr. Bracy’s staff is happy to contact your insurance carrier and let you know the details of your specific plan. In most cases, all we need is your insurance carrier name, member ID and date of birth.

Some PPO dental plans have coverage rates of $1,000 - $3,000 for Invisalign or orthodontic treatment. Often this benefit is limited to specific age ranges such as below age 19 only. But in other cases, all ages can receive the benefit. It depends on the contract setup between your employer and insurance company.

If you don’t have dental insurance or if your dental insurance does not provide any coverage for Invisalign, do not worry! There are many payment options for this type of dental treatment. An excellent option is a monthly payment plan through CareCredit. You can learn more about CareCredit and submit your application at

Another payment option is to use a flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA). These accounts may offer savings through tax benefits and employer contributions.

Still interested in Invisalign? Call our West Village dental office at 212-390-8399 or visit us! We offer complimentary consultations.

invisalign | greenwich village ny Most Invisalign treatment plans in our office are from 6-13 months. Some advanced cases may take longer such as 15+ months. Invisalign treatment time largely depends on patient compliance with wearing the aligners, complexity of tooth movement, and age of the patient. Highly motivated patients that wear the aligners 22+ hours a day have the best results with Invisalign and a smaller chance of running into treatment challenges. Also, some types of tooth movement are more complex than others and may take longer. Younger patients may also experience faster tooth movement compared to older patients. However, do not let your age discourage you from Invisalign or orthodontic treatment – it is never too late to get the smile you’ve wanted.

One of the major advantages of Invisalign versus other clear aligner brands is its track record with weekly aligner changes. For many years, dentists and orthodontists recommended changing Invisalign aligners every two weeks. However, in 2016 Invisalign released study data supporting one week aligner changes. This reduces treatment time by 50%! The one week aligner changes are at the dentist discretion

If you are worried about the length of time for your clear aligner therapy, do not stress until you have seen your Invisalign treatment plan. The first step is to call Dr. Bracy’s NYC dental office and schedule your Invisalign consultation. You’ll discuss the options and see if Invisalign if right for you. If it is, then Dr. Bracy will take the necessary x-rays, photographs and scan of your teeth (orthodontic records). This information is sent to Invisalign for treatment planning. After your Invisalign treatment plan is developed, you will meet with Dr. Bracy again to see the results, learn about the estimated treatment time and discuss your payment options.

Invisalign | clear braces | west village At Keith Bracy, DDS the rate of Invisalign aligner change is usually 7-14 days. Each Invisalign clear aligner must be worn for the majority of the day (20 + hours, ideally 22-23 hours per day) and most of our patients are able to move on to the next Invisalign clear aligner in 7-14 days. The rate of Invisalign clear aligner change is largely dependent on the patient’s age, the complexity of tooth movements, and patient compliance. A younger, compliant patient with simple tooth movement will be able to change their Invisalign clear aligners more frequently than an older, less compliant patient with complex tooth movements. Align Technology, the manufacturer of Invisalign, has presented much data supporting 7 day clear aligner changes.

The major advantage of the Invisalign system, is that it is in person-doctor directed and the treatment plan is personalized to your unique orthodontic needs. The rate of Invisalign clear aligner changes can be customized to your unique needs.

Compliance with wearing the Invisalign aligners is one of the most important factors in the success of your treatment. Invisalign is nearly invisible, very comfortable, and it will work, but the patient must be motivated to wear the aligners!

Curious about Invisalign? Call Dr. Bracy in his West Village dental office to schedule a scan and get started! 212-390-8399.

No, you should always save your at the minimum your last Invisalign clear aligner. One of the advantages of the Invisalign branded clear aligners is that they are doctor prescribed and you have your progress monitored by your dentist or orthodontist. You should bring the last Invisalign clear aligner with you to your progress appointments. The old Invisalign aligner can be very helpful to the dentist in case anything goes off course during your treatment. Sometimes a new Invisalign aligner isn’t fitting well, and your dentist can determine if you should go back to the old Invisalign aligner or if it is safe for you to move on to the next one.

At Keith Bracy, DDS we do progress tracking appointments for Invisalign about every 4-6 weeks, depending on the complexity of the case. Dr. Bracy will evaluate your Invisalign progress at these visits. Dr. Bracy will check to see if all your attachments are intact, if your aligners are fitting well, if your teeth are moving as they should be, and provide you motivation to keep on track with your treatment. Dr. Bracy will also make sure your treatment is progressing safely – the health of your teeth are of utmost importance during any orthodontic treatment.

How often should you change your Invisalign clear aligner? Dr. Bracy will provide a customized Invisalign aligner schedule for you. The rate of Invisalign aligner change is personalized and largely dependent on your age, complexity of the tooth movement, and patient compliance.

Call us today in our West Village office, to get started on your Invisalign treatment! 212-390-8399.

invisalign | greenwich village new yorkAre you considering Invisalign vs. braces, or perhaps Invisalign vs. Smile Direct Club? Dr. Bracy believes in straightforward dental advice to best educate you on your decision. 

Invisalign Pros: 

Clear/Invisible – Much like the name suggests, Invisalign is the invisible option compared to metal braces. NYC professionals feel confident wearing their clear aligners at work.

Comfortable – Clear aligners eliminate metal braces that rub against the gums. Some patients do have some slight discomfort when they start Invisalign, but most adjust very well to the aligners. Dr. Bracy can address these comfort issues very easily with adjustments to the aligners.

Removable – You can take your Invisalign aligners out to eat or for that special date.

Trusted brand – Invisalign is the quality choice with a trusted reputation. The company pioneered clear aligner therapy and invested heavily in its technology. It is not a knock-off brand, and Dr. Bracy can handle any customer services issues with them easily. Check out @invisalign on Instagram to see the results from real Instagram followers.

Technologically Advanced Aligners – Invisalign clear aligners are the only clear aligners with SmartTrack technology that took eight years of research and development. Invisalign aligners also rely on precision attachments optimized for certain tooth movements, which other brands lack.

Personalized Service and Care – Invisalign treatment is done under the care of a dentist or orthodontist. When you choose Invisalign, you have a dental professional overseeing your treatment, providing you with personalized treatment plans and care. If something goes wrong, you don’t have to call a 1-800 number and speak to an operator who can’t see your teeth or problem. You don’t have to worry about taking any impressions or photos yourself. You can be screened properly and told if clear aligner therapy will work for you. If you have other dental conditions that would make clear aligner therapy risky or dangerous, a dentist or orthodontist can let you know. 

Invisalign Cons:

Not Perfect For Every Case – Yes, clear aligner therapy has widely advanced in technology, but it is not perfect. There are still some types of dental malocclusions that are best treated with braces and traditional orthodontics. Honest, straightforward dental care is our mission at our Chelsea, NYC office. If we believe braces or seeing an orthodontist is best for your treatment, Dr. Bracy will let you know.

Patient Motivation – The success of your Invisalign depends on your compliance! You must wear the aligners 22-23 hours a day to see the best results. If you find it difficult to start a new habit or only plan to wear the aligners half the day, the treatment will not work. 

Frequent Brushing – You need to take the Invisalign aligners out to eat or drink. Before you place them back in, you need to make sure your teeth are clean. Some patients find it annoying to brush before placing them back. However, many see the brighter side of this “con” – you’ll be brushing your teeth frequently and also avoiding snacks!

Still debating Invisalign vs. braces? Stop by our New York dental office for a complimentary Invisalign consult and review the pros and cons in person with Dr. Bracy!

Vivera is the brand name of clear retainers manufactured by the makers of Invisalign, Align Technology. They are the premium choice for long-lasting clear retainers. Unlike fixed, wire retainers they can be removed for easy cleaning. After the completion of your Invisalign treatment, Dr. Bracy will fabricate the Vivera retainers for you in his West Village, NYC dental office.  They look and appear similar to your last Invisalign clear aligner, but they are made from a much sturdier, clear material. Dr. Bracy will discuss with you the recommended wear time for your new Vivera retainers. Often you must wear them full- time after completing your Invisalign treatment, then gradually taper to just overnight wear.

Vivera retainers are not just for those who recently completed Invisalign! If you have lost your retainers or are looking for a replacement option for your current retainer, ask Dr. Bracy about Vivera retainers. 

It happens to the best of patients! Lost, misplaced, or damaged clear aligners are common throughout your Invisalign treatment plan. In our West Village dental office, we’ve heard it all from patients. It might sound comical, but often pets and dogs are attracted to the used aligners due to the scent of food and their owners. A dog can do real damage to your Invisalign clear aligner!

If you are a current patient of Keith Bracy, DDS and you had your Invisalign clear aligner lost or damaged, don’t worry! Dr. Bracy provides replacement aligners free of charge to the patient throughout your Invisalign treatment plan. Please call the office and ask Dr. Bracy if you should wear your last clear aligner while you wait for your replacement or if you should not wear any aligners at all. Often Invisalign can replace the lost or damaged clear aligner in a few business days. We understand that it can be stressful to lose an Invisalign aligner since suggest wear time is 22-23 hours a day!

At the end of your Invisalign treatment in our West Village dental office, you will start on your Vivera retainers. You will receive 4 sets of the Vivera retainers and given a personalized treatment plan for wear time. At this time, we do not provide free replacement for lost or damaged retainers – just the clear aligners during Invisalign treatment.

Invisalign | greenwich village new york Treatment for Invisalign can range from $3,000 to $8,000 depending on the practice location, dentist training and complexity of treatment. For many years, the national average cost of Invisalign has been quoted at $5,000 - $5,500. There are different lengths and case types for Invisalign and this can affect the Invisalign price. Each dental practice sets their own fee for Invisalign. 

The fee for comprehensive Invisalign at Keith Bracy, DDS is $5,500 and this includes 4 sets of Vivera retainers. If you have a more simple case or if your case does require many aligner changes, you may qualify for a lower fee Invisalign. Often dental insurance plans offer a small benefit for this type of orthodontic treatment, while some have no coverage or restrictions. Dr. Bracy's friendly staff is happy to do a complimentary benefits check for you. 

Have you ever seen an Invisalign Groupon or ads on google for very low cost Invisalign treatment? There are many $2999 Invisalign specials online. We would encourage you to not let price be the ultimate deciding factor in your oral care needs and to do your research. Often, the cost of the retainers or additional aligners are not included and can be a surprise bill at the end of your Invisalign treatment. 

If you are asking yourself this question, chances are you are looking to start a journey with clear aligner therapy! Before you start Invisalign or any clear aligner therapy, you should have a general dental check-up and clearance for orthodontic treatment? Why? Because doing Invisalign or clear aligner therapy over unhealthy teeth has serious risks! In fact, wearing clear aligners over teeth with untreated gum disease can lead to loss of the tooth or make it very loose. Also, teeth with cavities should be treated before starting clear aligner therapy. A dentist should also do a physical examination of your jaws and let you know if there are any other contraindications to orthodontic treatment. Many times, patients come to our West Village dental office wanting to start Invisalign treatment but are unaware of dental problems they have. Dr. Bracy can diagnose and fix these problems, so the patient has healthy teeth and gums, safe to be moved during orthodontic therapy.

If you are making this comparison, consider the advantages of Invisalign. It widely known as the pioneer in clear aligner therapy. The brand has the advantages of attachments, optimized pieces of tooth colored material that make tooth movements more predictable and efficient. Invisalign also has IPR or the ability for the treating dentist to make room for your teeth movements by removing .2 - .5mm of enamel between your teeth (that teeny amount of space can make a big difference in achieving your desired smile). Furthermore, Invisalign is the only clear aligner brand with a highly sophisticated aligner material called SmartTrack to ensure the best results (stop by our West Village dental office to see samples of the aligners). And the biggest difference, is that Invisalign treatment is in-person doctor directed. Monthly dental office appointments are not a hassle – they are quick, efficient way of your dentist providing care for you and looking out for any problems with treatment! Most patients appreciate a chance to talk to their dentist or orthodontist about how their treatment is going and get real, personalized care and feedback about their on-going clear aligner treatment. Problems can be caught early during treatment and corrected.

Does Invisalign cost a lot more than Smile Direct Club? No! This is a big myth! Invisalign fees depend on your case type, with many mild to moderate cases now very similar in price. Most, if not all, Invisalign providers offer some type of monthly payment plan from $90-300/month.

invisalign clear braces | invisalign | greenwich village ny

Keith Bracy, DDS is a top Invisalign dentist in NYC. Our modern, clean, caring dental office is located on West 12th Street in the zip code 10011. Our dental office is at the intersection of many neighborhoods – Chelsea, West Village, Flatiron, and Union Square are all just steps away from 100 West 12th Street. Since we are along the L line, our office is also convenient to Brooklyn dwellers. Also, the path train has stops right near our dental office, so we are easy to get to if you are coming from Hoboken or Jersey City. We try to make coming to the dentist or an Invisalign consult as easy as possible. You can always book online here on our website.

What can you expect at your Invisalign consult? First, you will meet with Dr. Bracy and have an exam of your teeth and gums. Healthy teeth and gums are the essential first step in any orthodontic treatment plan. Putting clear aligners over teeth with cavities can make the cavities worse, and moving teeth with active gum disease can be lead to disastrous results. Second, you will have an x-ray examination. Keith Bracy, DDS needs to make sure the roots and bone around your teeth is also healthy. Dr. Bracy will also look for cavities and other types of pathology on the x-rays. Second, we will discuss your diagnosis and the treatment options. If Invisalign is a good treatment option for you then we will move forward with the next step. However, in some cases, Invisalign might not be the best option for your goals and diagnosis. Sometimes a surgical option or braces are best for your condition. Other times, options such as porcelain veneers might be more in line with your cosmetic goals. The next step is a digital impression of your teeth. At Keith Bracy, DDS we use a digital scanner to capture the impression. No more rubber molds of your teeth! The benefit of the digital scan is that it provides excellent accuracy and also speeds up the treatment planning process. Before you leave the office, your digital impression will be sent to Invisalign for the treatment planning process. Keith Bracy, DDS will also take photos of your profile and mouth for orthodontic records and treatment planning.  Keith Bracy, DDS will work with the Invisalign treatment planning software to design your clear aligner treatment plan. After it is done, Dr. Bracy can sit down with you and review the plan. At this meeting, you will learn the estimated treatment time, see clinically simulated results, and ask questions about your treatment. Dr. Bracy will review the Invisalign Informed Consent document with you both verbally and in print form. It is important you fully understand the treatment, treatment alternative and any possible risks. If you are ready to start treatment, you can work with any member of our friendly staff on your payment arrangements. If your dental insurance has orthodontic benefits, we can help you maximize your plan. We also accept carecredit, FSA and HSA accounts. It usually takes 1-2 weeks for your aligners to arrive in the dental office after accepting the treatment plan. However, recently, the aligners have been arriving much quicker due to improved processing times. At your initial visit, you’ll have attachments bonded to your teeth, any IPR or space opened up between the teeth, and try in your first set of aligners. Attachments and IPR are one of the key differences between Invisalign and other clear aligner systems. Attachments help teeth move in certain movements more efficiently. Making the proper amount of space with IPR, ensures you have a good occlusion or “bite”. Dr. Bracy will also review aligner home care, among many other instructions. You’ll return to the office every few weeks for us to check on your progress. Wearing your aligners for the recommended wear time is the largest determinant of a successful treatment plan. Compliance is key to a successful Invisalign case. Any prospective Invisalign patient must ask themselves if they have the discipline to wear the clear aligner at least 20-22 hours per day. Dr. Bracy will prescribe the aligner changes necessary for your care. Aligner wear times have decreased to 7 days for many patients, but certain factors such as age, compliance, and type of movement will guide your aligner schedule. Still have questions about Invisalign? We are happy to help! Call our dental office today at 212-390-8399.

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