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Financial Info

Our goal is to provide you with an array of financial options, so cost is never a barrier to your oral healthcare. You deserve the best quality dentistry and understand dental treatment can be a significant investment. 

Payment for Services

We gladly accept cash, personal check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express as forms of payment. Payment is due at time of service.

Financing Dental Treatment

If you are interested in financing your dental treatment, we offer 0% interest payment plans through CareCredit. Please visit CareCredit online to learn about this convenient option to spread your payments out over several months.

More information about this service:

Membership Club

Don’t have insurance? No problem! You can receive all your preventative care like dental cleanings, exams, and x-rays at a low monthly fee and receive discounts on other services! 

Our dental subscription plan is a revolutionary alternative to the dental insurance model. Contact us to learn about the plan. Pricing is upfront and clearly stated. Don’t let a lack of dental insurance be a barrier to care!

Our dental membership is also great for senior citizens and others that lack coverage through an employer. We have met many patients dissatisfied with HMO, DMO, and ACA health exchange plans due to their restrictive nature and low coverage. Our membership is a great alternative!  


We are also happy to help you maximize your dental insurance benefits. When you come to your first appointment, we will be happy to preform a complimentary benefits check and let you know what your plan covers. Most of our patients can use their PPO and PDP type dental plans at our office. 

As a courtesy, we will handle all your insurance claims and accept assignment of benefits if your plan allows. 

Please note that Dr. Bracy is not contracted with any insurance company. Why? Because we believe in working only for our patients with a focus on the quality of care and treatment options we provide. Our non-contracted status allows us to spend more time with patients and use the highest quality dental instruments, materials, and labs. In some cases, it also allows us to offer greater treatment options with fewer restrictions. 


Discounts and Incentives

5% Prepayment/Bookkeeping Discount

This is for care paid for at the time of scheduling the appointment. We can offer this discount for two reasons. First, it saves us many hours on billing and bookkeeping time because we do not have to worry about mailing invoices and calling you for payment. Second, patients who prepaid are more likely to return for their appointment in a timely fashion and get the care they need!

Example of how the discount works: You had your dental exam, and your treatment plan was presented as needing, “xyz procedure.” When you schedule the appointment at your exam visit and prepay, you receive this discount. The discount is also passed on to your dental insurance carrier’s portion of the payment.

Example of how the discount does not work: You had your dental exam, and your treatment plan was presented as needing, “xyz procedure.” You scheduled your “xyz procedure appointment” and return for it. You decide to pay at the treatment visit when “xyz procedure” is started or performed. You will not receive the discount. 

10% Senior Citizen Discount

We know many seniors lack dental insurance coverage and want to make dental care more accessible. 

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