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What are the steps to have dentures made?

  • dentures | dentist | west village ny | 10011The first step is to have a thorough dental exam to make sure you are a candidate for dentures. Dentures are an excellent option to replacing all or some of your missing teeth. If all your teeth are missing or hopeless, a complete denture can replace them all. If only some or a few teeth are missing, you might consider a removable partial denture. If you need to have your teeth extracted first, you might consider an immediate denture. An immediate denture is inserted the same day as your teeth extractions, so that you never have to go without missing teeth! Don’t worry about all the denture terms, Dr. Bracy will let you know which denture if right for you. You can do this from the comfort of our new, West Village, NYC dental office.


  • Consider if you want to have dental implants to secure your denture. In the past, most denture patients had no other options but denture adhesives to hold their dentures in. However, dental implants have advanced rapidly and many denture patients elect to have implants secure their dentures. Many times just two dental implants on the lower jaw and four dental implants on the upper are enough to make a traditional denture very secure. This type of secured denture is called an overdenture.


  • After your exam and treatment phase is over, the next step is an impression or digital scan of your mouth. The initial impression is basically a mold of your jaws. In our West Village office, we use digital scanning technology to make a digital impression. We find it more accurate than traditional dental impression. Many times complete dentures will take 2 visits for impressions. This first impression is used to fabricate a very precise tray, used to take the second impression. Getting an excellent dental impression is necessary to make the best dentures possible. If the impression is not good, then the denture will not turn out well.


  •  The third step is a try in of the wax denture bases. At this visit, Dr. Bracy will see how the denture bases fit your mouth and will gather data on how our jaws come together and various measurements of where the teeth should be placed. At this dental appointment, let Dr. Bracy know your desires for the size, shape, and shade of denture teeth. Today’s modern dentures are highly cosmetic and can be customized to look how you want. Some patient’s like very straight white denture teeth, while others want darker, crooked, or very “natural” styles.



  • At the fourth visit, you’ll get to try the denture bases in with the teeth set on them. This is a very fun and exciting visit for patients since they get to see what the teeth look and feel like. We will test out your bite at this visit and make sure it is solid and also have you speak, to make sure you can make proper sounding words, without lisps. If you don’t like the look of the teeth or if anything needs to be adjusted, let Dr. Bracy know – we can have it remade and have more try-in visits until we get it perfect.


  • The final visit, you get your final dentures! You’ll get to go home with an excellent fitting pair of full dentures. If you elected to get dental implants to secure your dentures, Dr. Bracy will add attachments to secure the dentures onto the implants. After this visit, you will come back for several denture adjustment appointments. Every new denture needs adjustments to get it fitting comfortably. You will know that you need adjustments if you get any sore spots in your mouth where the denture is rubbing.



Denture Hints and Tips

  • Always keep your denture clean and hygienic. Wash them with a toothbrush and warm water and mild soap. Use denture cleaning tablets when you soak it. You should clean it before and after use and always rinse the cleaning agent well.
  • Do not let your denture dry out. When you take it out of your mouth, soak it in water or denture cleaning solution. Letting it dry out can make the acrylic more brittle and uncomfortable to wear.
  • Do not sleep in your denture. Your gums and mouth need time to rest too! Wearing your denture at night is unhygienic and can allow for fungal infections to grow beneath the denture.
  • Give it time to adjust to! No one was born with dentures. They take several weeks to adjust to before you can eat, drink and speak with them like second nature.

Keith Bracy, DDS is always available to answer any of your denture questions! Dr. Bracy is here for you in the West Village, Manhattan and is able to serve all your denture needs! We are located in 10011 at West 12th St and 6th ave. Our phone number is 212-390-8399.

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