Dentures and Partial Dentures in West Village, NY

Affordable Denture Dentist in NYC

Keith Bracy, DDS fabricates custom dentures to replace your missing and damaged teeth. Don’t like the way your denture fits or looking for a more cosmetic denture? Are you missing a lot of teeth and have seen recent TV ads highlighting new dentures and implant choices? 

Look no further! Dr. Bracy has extensive training in advanced denture dentistry like implant-retained dentures and flexible partial dentures. Don’t be embarrassed or worried about getting a denture. Visit Dr. Bracy in his West Village, NYC dental office and learn about your options. 

Denture Types

  • Complete or Total Denture – Dr. Bracy can replace all your teeth with this type of denture. It is still a good treatment option for those that are not candidates for dental implants. 
  • Overdenture or Implant Denture – This type of denture sits on dental implants and does not rely on suction to stay in place. You can finally smile and laugh with confidence, just like real teeth. 
  • Partial Denture – This denture replaces some of your teeth and can be flexible. 
  • Valplast® Denture – Valplast® is a brand name referring to the flexible denture material.
  • Flipper – A flipper is a temporary denture to replace just one or a few teeth. Often used after a dental extraction to provide a same-day replacement of a tooth. 
  • Immediate Denture – This denture is fabricated before your failing teeth are extracted and inserted the same day as your extractions. This way you never go without teeth in your mouth! 
  • Hybrid Denture – This is a more permanent type of denture that is attached to a metal bar. 

Will My Denture Look Fake?

No! Today’s dentures are natural-looking and can greatly improve your appearance. Visit our Chelsea, NYC dental office and let Dr. Bracy know exactly how you would like your denture to look. Your denture will be custom made according to your wishes. You can select the teeth shade and size, or even have slight imperfections in the teeth alignment, so it looks more natural. The color of the acrylic gums can also be customized to your liking. Dr. Bracy will take the time to make sure you get the denture you deserve! If you have old photos of yourself before you lost your teeth, bring them in. Often, they are helpful when creating a natural-looking denture. 

Can I Secure My Old Denture with Implants?

Yes. In many cases, just 2-4 dental implants can add stability to your denture so that it will not pop out or slide around. An implant, much like a tooth root, is a titanium screw placed in your jawbone. Dr. Bracy will add special attachments to the dental implants, so your denture snaps securely and snugly into them. In other cases, it is possible to get rid of your denture entirely and have fixed denture teeth on dental implants. 

Will Medicare Pay for My New Denture?

No. Many senior citizens are very surprised to learn that Medicare does not cover dentures and their dental care. Don’t worry; you do not need dental insurance to see a NYC dentist or have a new denture fabricated. At Dr. Bracy’s office, you can pay for your new denture with CareCredit. This allows you to pay an affordable, low monthly payment without any interest. You can also pay with cash, personal check, or any major credit card. 

If you have Medicare and no dental insurance, you may also be interested in another option - Dr. Bracy’s Membership Plan. Visit our financial page to see how you can receive preventive dental care like exams, cleanings, and x-rays for a low monthly fee. The membership plan also gives you 20 percent off our regular denture fee. Call our office to learn about CareCredit and Dr. Bracy’s Membership Plan at 212-390-8399

Whatever your denture needs, we are happy to see you in our NYC dental office. Dr. Bracy can also handle denture repairs and relines. We are located in the West Village and Chelsea area, just blocks away from Flatiron and Union Square. Call us at (212) 390-8399 or use one of the online booking options on this website.