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What is a flexible partial denture?

dentures | greenwich village nyFlexible dentures, often referred to as “flexi” partials, are dentures made from a flexible, life-like resin material. There are also brands for the flexible material – Valplast is a common brand. The material of the flexible denture basic is translucent and custom made to the shade of your gums. The denture does not have metal clasps but instead has gum colored flexible clasps and rests on your gums for support. Traditional partial dentures, unlike flexible partial dentures, are made from metal and acrylic bases. The metal can be unsightly and many patients worry if the metal clasps can be seen when they smile. The acrylic of a traditional denture can match your gum shade well, but it isn’t translucent and life-like like flexible dentures. Flexible dentures are also a good option for those with acrylic or metal allergies.

You can replace one or more teeth with a flexible partial denture. For patients who are getting dental implants, a flexible partial denture can also serve as a good temporary replacement for a single tooth or multiple teeth until the implant(s) is complete.

Call Dr. Bracy today in his Chelsea, NYC dental office and discuss which option is best to replace your missing teeth! A flexible partial denture might be a good option for you!

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