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Do I need dental cleanings four times a year?

dental cleaning | dental exam | greenwich village It depends. Dental cleanings are important not only to your oral health, but also your overall health! A professional dental cleaning is one of the primary tools to fight the gum disease, called gingivitis, or puffy, inflamed, and bleeding gums. Deep cleanings and more frequent cleanings are also used in the non-surgical treatment of the gum disease called periodontitis, characterized by receding bone and gum levels.

How Often Do I Need a Dental Cleaning?

The frequency of a dental cleaning (technical term “prophylaxis”) is largely dependent on a personalized assessment of your teeth, gums, and oral hygiene by Dr. Bracy. Most patients with low-risk factors for dental disease can have their teeth cleaned every six months. However, for those with gum disease or poor oral hygiene, a cleaning schedule of every 3-4 months is a therapeutic must!

Some patients need a deep cleaning (technical term “quadrant scaling and root planing”) for their first cleaning at the office and then can switch to 2-4 per year. Your medical history also plays a role in determining how many dental cleanings you should have. Smokers, diabetics, and HIV+ patients are at higher risk for developing gum disease like periodontitis and should discuss the frequency and type of cleanings needed with Dr. Bracy. 

Why Regular Cleanings are Important

A healthy mouth is an integral part of a healthy body! New research is demonstrating the link between oral health and cardiac and inflammatory disease. At your cleaning visit, you can expect a thorough cleaning using an ultrasonic scaler, hand instruments, and polishing treatments. Dr. Bracy will take your cleaning seriously because it is an essential part of healthy living. Your cleaning appointment will never be rushed, and you will be given a full hour to ensure a thorough dental cleaning. You’ll also get honest oral hygiene advice in a non-judgmental environment. Getting a dental cleaning is easy at Dr. Bracy’s West Village dental office. You can book the appointment online easily! 

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