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Are there any treatments to remove white spots on my teeth?

teeth whitening | professional whitening | greenwich village Yes! Dr. Bracy offers two new treatments for the appearance of white spots on your teeth. The first is a revolutionary new treatment called Icon by DMG. The second treatment is the KöR Whitening System. First, it is essential to have your white spots diagnosed in our Chelsea, New York dental office. The diagnosis will dictate the white spot treatment method. The majority of teeth white spots are either an incipient cavity or fluorosis. Dr. Bracy can explain these technical terms for you further during a consult, but keep reading to learn more about white spots and some helpful solutions. 

Icon by DMG America

Icon by DMG is a revolutionary new treatment for white spots caused by incipient cavities. An incipient cavity is the very start of the cavity formation process or when decay first starts growing on a tooth. The white spot seen is demineralized tooth structure or an area where decay starts eating away at the enamel. Many people have these white spots on their front teeth and don’t pay attention to them because they have had them for a long time. Others are more worried about them and want to do something to remove them. You might also have the same white spots and enamel demineralization after traditional metal braces treatment. Icon works by infiltrating the white spot and reversing it, so you gain back your natural tooth look! It is a very easy process and involves no drilling and no needles. During the Icon treatment, Dr. Bracy will place agents on the tooth. The result is a healthier and better-looking tooth! DMG Icon treatment is also relatively less expensive than other cosmetic treatments, such as porcelain veneers. The fee is comparable to a dental filling, and sometimes your insurance can provide coverage for it. 

KöR Teeth Whitening

KöR Whitening is an excellent method if your white spots are from fluorosis. This condition can appear as white streaks and opaque spots on the enamel. Sometimes there are areas of brown within the white spots. Fluorosis occurs when the adult teeth took up too much fluoride during development. Many notice this condition in their teen years, after adult teeth eruption, and are unaware of a treatment to improve the looks of it. KöR Whitening is an excellent treatment option for challenging fluorosis cases. It will break down the stain molecules and make the unsightly white spots blend in with the rest of the tooth. KöR Whitening is an excellent option and is more affordable than other cosmetic treatments for patients with this condition. Stop by our West Village dental office for a complimentary KöR Whitening consultation and also see some before and after pics of fluorosis teeth treated with KöR. 

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