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Are the results of KöR teeth whitening permanent?

kor whitening | teeth whitening | west village nyKeith Bracy, DDS is a top KöR teeth whitening provider in NYC.  KöR whitening is one of the most frequently requested cosmetic procedures in our West Village dental office. The results are permanent but require maintenance whitening. The KöR maintenance whitening is personalized to your unique shade needs, but usually consists of 1-3 nights of whitening, no more than once a month. Most patients do a KöR maintenance about every 6 months or after their regular dental cleanings. Dr. Bracy will provide you with KöR refill teeth bleach after your initial whitening is completed.

KöR teeth whitening is a fun, safe, and conservative cosmetic dental treatment, relative to veneers or crowns. Many of our dental patients do a course of Invisalign treatment followed by KöR teeth whitening for the most natural-looking straight, white teeth. The costs of Invisalign treatment combined with KöR teeth whitening is less than porcelain veneers on your front teeth, and the results are better since the look is more “natural”.

One of the benefits of the KöR teeth whitening system is that it uses both take-home whitening trays and in-office treatments, combined with a powerful teeth desensitizing method. It is often referred to as a “deep bleaching” method. KöR requires no lights or lasers, and is widely known in the industry to produce the best teeth whitening results. Are you considering KöR? You’ll be glad you did and be all smiles at our 12th St dental office. Call Keith Bracy, DDS today at 212-390-8399 to schedule your KöR consultation.

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