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Our dental office was built in 2018 and boasts the latest dental technologies and state-of-the-art equipment. 

3M True Definition Intraoral Scanning

Our digital intraoral scanning allows for more comfortable and accurate capture of your teeth and mouth.

An intraoral scan is an alternative to the old-fashioned, putty-like impression materials. Many patients gag and find the putty to be unpleasant. Our intraoral scanner improves the accuracy of information captured and allows for a very well fitting dental restoration. 

Cliosoft Digital X-Rays and Imaging

Since 1987, Cliosoft imaging by SOTA (State-of-The-Art-Imaging) has been at the forefront of technology for digital dental x-rays and intraoral photos. 

Dr. Bracy uses this high-level technology imaging system to detect problems when they are small and can be treated easily. Digital x-rays expose the patient to less radiation and have advanced software to aid Dr. Bracy in diagnosis. 

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COVID-19 - Our dental office is following the American Dental Association guidelines that all dental office nationwide temporarily close and perform only emergency procedures. If you are a current patient and having a dental emergency such as pain or swelling please call us at 212-390-8399. If you have a scheduled appointment for a routine procedure, it has been cancelled and we will be in touch to reschedule as soon as it is advised. We are always here for our patients via email [email protected]