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Should I throw away my Invisalign clear aligners as I change to the next aligner?

No, you should always save your at the minimum your last Invisalign clear aligner. One of the advantages of the Invisalign branded clear aligners is that they are doctor prescribed and you have your progress monitored by your dentist or orthodontist. You should bring the last Invisalign clear aligner with you to your progress appointments. The old Invisalign aligner can be very helpful to the dentist in case anything goes off course during your treatment. Sometimes a new Invisalign aligner isn’t fitting well, and your dentist can determine if you should go back to the old Invisalign aligner or if it is safe for you to move on to the next one.

At Keith Bracy, DDS we do progress tracking appointments for Invisalign about every 4-6 weeks, depending on the complexity of the case. Dr. Bracy will evaluate your Invisalign progress at these visits. Dr. Bracy will check to see if all your attachments are intact, if your aligners are fitting well, if your teeth are moving as they should be, and provide you motivation to keep on track with your treatment. Dr. Bracy will also make sure your treatment is progressing safely – the health of your teeth are of utmost importance during any orthodontic treatment.

How often should you change your Invisalign clear aligner? Dr. Bracy will provide a customized Invisalign aligner schedule for you. The rate of Invisalign aligner change is personalized and largely dependent on your age, complexity of the tooth movement, and patient compliance.

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