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Do you do all porcelain crowns?

porcelain crown | dentist | 10011 | west villageYes, Keith Bracy, DDS is a best dentist in 10011 for all ceramic crowns. Visit our Chelsea dental office today to see if you are a candidate for an all ceramic or porcelain crown. Yes, you have a choice in restorative materials for your new dental crown. There are several types of crowns used in dentistry throughout the years.

First, what is a crown in dentistry? A crown, sometimes called a “cap”, refers to a full coverage restoration. In other words, it’s a cap or a covering for your tooth. The crown covers the remaining tooth structure, adding protection and stability to a compromised tooth. Your tooth might need a crown if your tooth has a large cavity, failed filling, or fracture. At our 10011 dental office, we usually do the crown procedure in 2 visits. The first visit, Keith Bracy, DDS will prepare your tooth to certain dimensions and digital scan will be taken. The scan is sent to a lab, where a crown will be designed digitally and made by a computer milling machine. This technology offers highly precise, beautiful dental crowns that fit well. Dr. Bracy finds that the digitally scanned crowns have less problems compared to those made with a traditional putty material. The turnaround time is also very quick! We get most crowns back from the lab within 3-5 days. During the lab fabrication time, you will wear a temporary crown fabricated by Dr. Bracy.

So what are your choices for crown materials? Most patients rarely ask what kind of crown, Dr. Bracy will fabricate, but it is important to know that you do have options in our West Village dental office.

Today, most patients have high esthetic demands and do not want to see any metal. Thus, metal-free crowns, often referred to as all porcelain or all ceramic crowns are increasingly popular. Two of the most popular “metal-free” crowns are called Emax crowns and Zirconia crowns. An Emax crown is made from lithium disilicate and is a very cosmetic looking restoration. This material bonds relatively well to tooth structure, so it might be a good solution for someone who has crowns that come off a lot. The Emax material is very strong, but not as strong as the all Zirconia option. Zirconia crowns, often referred to by the brand name “Bruxzir” are made from a crystalline zirconia oxide and offer relatively more strength. These crowns offer an excellent choice for a patient that grinds their teeth or has a history of breaking dental restorations. Zirconia crowns have become more esthetic and cosmetic looking, however, many claim the Emax crowns have higher translucency and esthetics. Bonding a Zirconia crown to your tooth is a very sensitive process, and the bond may be less predictable than an Emax crown if certain protocols are not followed.

A more traditional type of dental crown if referred to as a “PFM”. “PFM” stands for “porcelain fused to metal”. This type of crown has a proven track record in dentistry, with hundreds of thousands in service over several decades. This type of crown offers the strength and fit of metal (the inside of the crown) with the esthetics and beauty of porcelain (the outside of the crown). The one cosmetic problem with these crowns is that in certain situations, the metal can show through at the gum line. Have you ever noticed a person with some purple or metal colored discoloration at their gum line around a tooth? Chances are you are seeing the thin margin of metal that can show through from a PFM crown. For this reason alone, many patients and dentists have started to abandon this type of crown.

Want to show some dental bling or flare in Chelsea? If so, perhaps an all gold crown is the choice for you! Gold is one of the best dental materials, even in 2019! It is anti-bacterial and offers an excellent fitting crown with a good seal if done properly. Gold crowns can look very pretty, shiny, and nice in the eyes of the right beholder. Other patients find gold crowns to be rather ugly, but Dr. Bracy is a fan! The one downside of gold crowns is that they can be expensive with the rising price of gold, but it is still an excellent investment in your oral health.

Obviously, we don’t know which the best type of crown is for you until you come in for a dental consult in our West Village office! Dr. Bracy will be happy to provide you with an exam and explain the best dental crown material type for you!


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