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What is the difference between a lumineer and a porcelain veneer?

veneers | porcelain veneers | west village nyLumineer refers to a brand name of no preparation veneers. What do we mean by no preparation veneers? “No prep” or “no preparation” veneers refer to removing no or very little tooth structure by the dentist before fabrication and cementation of the veneer. A traditional veneer requires the removal of some enamel by the dentist with a hand piece. This shaping of the tooth provides room for the porcelain material of the new veneer.  Lumineers are a brand from a dental company called Den-Mat. Dentists can become lumineer providers by taking courses with Den-Mat.

Why are lumineers or no-prep veneers so popular? Patients often request this procedure at Keith Bracy, DDS in the West Village because removing less tooth structure is appealing! The concepts of less or no dental local anesthesia or saving enamel and original tooth structure sounds great to most dental patients. However, no preparation veneers are not for everyone or any case. A no preparation veneer is a good option when teeth have good alignment and a smaller size or profile. If the veneers are used to mask the appearance of crowded teeth or larger teeth, traditional veneers are a better option. Not sure which type of veneer is best for your esthetic needs? We encourage you to have a consult with Dr. Bracy so you can learn more about the benefits and risks of veneer types.

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