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What is the difference between Invisalign and Smile Direct Club?

If you are asking yourself this question, chances are you are looking to start a journey with clear aligner therapy! Before you start Invisalign or any clear aligner therapy, you should have a general dental check-up and clearance for orthodontic treatment? Why? Because doing Invisalign or clear aligner therapy over unhealthy teeth has serious risks! In fact, wearing clear aligners over teeth with untreated gum disease can lead to loss of the tooth or make it very loose. Also, teeth with cavities should be treated before starting clear aligner therapy. A dentist should also do a physical examination of your jaws and let you know if there are any other contraindications to orthodontic treatment. Many times, patients come to our West Village dental office wanting to start Invisalign treatment but are unaware of dental problems they have. Dr. Bracy can diagnose and fix these problems, so the patient has healthy teeth and gums, safe to be moved during orthodontic therapy.

If you are making this comparison, consider the advantages of Invisalign. It widely known as the pioneer in clear aligner therapy. The brand has the advantages of attachments, optimized pieces of tooth colored material that make tooth movements more predictable and efficient. Invisalign also has IPR or the ability for the treating dentist to make room for your teeth movements by removing .2 - .5mm of enamel between your teeth (that teeny amount of space can make a big difference in achieving your desired smile). Furthermore, Invisalign is the only clear aligner brand with a highly sophisticated aligner material called SmartTrack to ensure the best results (stop by our West Village dental office to see samples of the aligners). And the biggest difference, is that Invisalign treatment is in-person doctor directed. Monthly dental office appointments are not a hassle – they are quick, efficient way of your dentist providing care for you and looking out for any problems with treatment! Most patients appreciate a chance to talk to their dentist or orthodontist about how their treatment is going and get real, personalized care and feedback about their on-going clear aligner treatment. Problems can be caught early during treatment and corrected.

Does Invisalign cost a lot more than Smile Direct Club? No! This is a big myth! Invisalign fees depend on your case type, with many mild to moderate cases now very similar in price. Most, if not all, Invisalign providers offer some type of monthly payment plan from $90-300/month.

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