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Can Invisalign Fix My Underbite Without Surgery?

invisalign clear braces | invisalign | greenwich village We get it, an underbite is something most patients want to correct in the most non-invasive way. What is an underbite? In the ideal jaw and tooth position, your upper teeth will extend slightly over your bottom teeth. Also, in the ideal facial profile, your lower jaw does not extend out farther than the rest of your face. However, New York patients are not perfect and some of us live most of our lives with a non-ideal tooth or jaw position, known as an underbite. Many underbite patients tell us that they noticed how their lower jaw sticks out more than their classmates in highschool. Others, might have been told by a Greenwich Village dentist that their bite isn’t correct.

So what to do with an underbite? Can Invisalign help? It depends on the cause of your underbite. If your underbite is due to improper teeth position, Invisalign clear aligners can most likely treat it. If your underbite is caused by a skeletal problem such as having an excessively larger lower jaw, a surgical option in conjunction with Invisalign or traditional orthodontics is a better treatment option. The best way to know which the best treatment option for you is to visit your local dentist like Dr. Bracy. In our West Village dental office, we can diagnose your condition and get you the help you need to correct your underbite. If treating your underbite requires surgery or traditional orthodontics, we can refer you to the best specialists in our Chelsea and Greenwich Village community. Many underbites are due to genetics and the earlier in life they are detected and treated, the easier and better the outcomes. So do not delay seeking treatment.

Should I correct my underbite?

The most obvious reason to correct an underbite is esthetic reasons. Improving or reducing the appearance of an underbite can improve your confidence! However, correcting your underbite isn’t just so you will look like the most beautiful person walking down West 12th Street! It is also for health reasons. Underbites and non-ideal bites can cause excessive wear of teeth and lead to dental problems down the road such as excessively worn or fractured teeth. Having an underbite can also affect your ability to eat and chew properly, affecting your overall health.

Why should I choose Keith Bracy, DDS?

You’ll be happy you chose us for your Invisalign treatment! First, we offer a complimentary consult and scan for Invisalign treatment. We offer personalized, honest dental care in Greenwich Village in our caring dental office. If Invisalign isn’t the best treatment option for you, we will let you know! We utilize the latest dental technologies such as a digital scanner for your treatment. We will match any competitor fees and offer you affordable payment options. You’ll be all smiles with our dental office!

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