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What happens if I lose my Invisalign aligner?

It happens to the best of patients! Lost, misplaced, or damaged clear aligners are common throughout your Invisalign treatment plan. In our West Village dental office, we’ve heard it all from patients. It might sound comical, but often pets and dogs are attracted to the used aligners due to the scent of food and their owners. A dog can do real damage to your Invisalign clear aligner!

If you are a current patient of Keith Bracy, DDS and you had your Invisalign clear aligner lost or damaged, don’t worry! Dr. Bracy provides replacement aligners free of charge to the patient throughout your Invisalign treatment plan. Please call the office and ask Dr. Bracy if you should wear your last clear aligner while you wait for your replacement or if you should not wear any aligners at all. Often Invisalign can replace the lost or damaged clear aligner in a few business days. We understand that it can be stressful to lose an Invisalign aligner since suggest wear time is 22-23 hours a day!

At the end of your Invisalign treatment in our West Village dental office, you will start on your Vivera retainers. You will receive 4 sets of the Vivera retainers and given a personalized treatment plan for wear time. At this time, we do not provide free replacement for lost or damaged retainers – just the clear aligners during Invisalign treatment.

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