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Where can I find Valplast partial dentures in NYC?

Look no further than Keith Bracy, DDS in the West Village for your next Valplast denture! What are Valplast dentures? They are a brand of flexible partial dentures made from a thermoplastic, nylon based material that is very comfortable and esthetic. Valplast is a brand name of this material. Traditional partial dentures are made from acrylic and metal, and are rigid and may not look as cosmetic if the metal clasps show. On the contrary, Valplast flexible material is translucent, with life-like color.

Not every flexible denture is a Valplast denture. There are knock off brands and materials used by some dental laboratories. Why would you want to make sure it is a Valplast denture you get from a NYC dentist? Because it comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and is backed with a warranty from Valplast. There is a code of on the Certificate of Authenticity that can be used to register your denture on the Valplast website. Click on this link to register your Valplast for the warranty.

Check out the Valplast website too. There is a lot of great information under the “patients” tab. You can also use Valplast matieral for a flipper. A flipper is an economical, removable temporary to replace a one or a few missing teeth. Flippers are often used during the dental implant process, while you are waiting for your dental implant to be restored. Keith Bracy, DDS is always welcoming new patients in the West Village, NYC and is happy to answer all your questions on Valplast.

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