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Where can I find an Invisalign dentist near me?

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Keith Bracy, DDS is a top Invisalign dentist in NYC. Our modern, clean, caring dental office is located on West 12th Street in the zip code 10011. Our dental office is at the intersection of many neighborhoods – Chelsea, West Village, Flatiron, and Union Square are all just steps away from 100 West 12th Street. Since we are along the L line, our office is also convenient to Brooklyn dwellers. Also, the path train has stops right near our dental office, so we are easy to get to if you are coming from Hoboken or Jersey City. We try to make coming to the dentist or an Invisalign consult as easy as possible. You can always book online here on our website.

What can you expect at your Invisalign consult? First, you will meet with Dr. Bracy and have an exam of your teeth and gums. Healthy teeth and gums are the essential first step in any orthodontic treatment plan. Putting clear aligners over teeth with cavities can make the cavities worse, and moving teeth with active gum disease can be lead to disastrous results. Second, you will have an x-ray examination. Keith Bracy, DDS needs to make sure the roots and bone around your teeth is also healthy. Dr. Bracy will also look for cavities and other types of pathology on the x-rays. Second, we will discuss your diagnosis and the treatment options. If Invisalign is a good treatment option for you then we will move forward with the next step. However, in some cases, Invisalign might not be the best option for your goals and diagnosis. Sometimes a surgical option or braces are best for your condition. Other times, options such as porcelain veneers might be more in line with your cosmetic goals. The next step is a digital impression of your teeth. At Keith Bracy, DDS we use a digital scanner to capture the impression. No more rubber molds of your teeth! The benefit of the digital scan is that it provides excellent accuracy and also speeds up the treatment planning process. Before you leave the office, your digital impression will be sent to Invisalign for the treatment planning process. Keith Bracy, DDS will also take photos of your profile and mouth for orthodontic records and treatment planning.  Keith Bracy, DDS will work with the Invisalign treatment planning software to design your clear aligner treatment plan. After it is done, Dr. Bracy can sit down with you and review the plan. At this meeting, you will learn the estimated treatment time, see clinically simulated results, and ask questions about your treatment. Dr. Bracy will review the Invisalign Informed Consent document with you both verbally and in print form. It is important you fully understand the treatment, treatment alternative and any possible risks. If you are ready to start treatment, you can work with any member of our friendly staff on your payment arrangements. If your dental insurance has orthodontic benefits, we can help you maximize your plan. We also accept carecredit, FSA and HSA accounts. It usually takes 1-2 weeks for your aligners to arrive in the dental office after accepting the treatment plan. However, recently, the aligners have been arriving much quicker due to improved processing times. At your initial visit, you’ll have attachments bonded to your teeth, any IPR or space opened up between the teeth, and try in your first set of aligners. Attachments and IPR are one of the key differences between Invisalign and other clear aligner systems. Attachments help teeth move in certain movements more efficiently. Making the proper amount of space with IPR, ensures you have a good occlusion or “bite”. Dr. Bracy will also review aligner home care, among many other instructions. You’ll return to the office every few weeks for us to check on your progress. Wearing your aligners for the recommended wear time is the largest determinant of a successful treatment plan. Compliance is key to a successful Invisalign case. Any prospective Invisalign patient must ask themselves if they have the discipline to wear the clear aligner at least 20-22 hours per day. Dr. Bracy will prescribe the aligner changes necessary for your care. Aligner wear times have decreased to 7 days for many patients, but certain factors such as age, compliance, and type of movement will guide your aligner schedule. Still have questions about Invisalign? We are happy to help! Call our dental office today at 212-390-8399.

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