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What is the difference between a crown and a veneer?

porcelain veneers | dental crown | west village ny Keith Bracy, DDS preforms hundreds of crowns and veneers in his West Village, NYC dental office and is happy to explain to you the differences in the procedures. The main difference between a crown and a veneer is how much tooth is covered by the dental restoration. A crown will “cap” or cover the entire part of the tooth that is above the gum line in your mouth. A veneer will cover the front surface and just a very slight part of the back surface of the tooth. Since crowns and veneers vary in the part of the tooth that they cover, they are made differently and your teeth are prepared for the restoration differently by Keith Bracy, DDS in the West Village. Dr. Bracy will remove more natural tooth structure to make room for the crown and less tooth structure for the veneer. Crowns are indicated if there is substantial loss to the tooth from a cavity, fracture or failing restoration. Veneers are indicated to improve cosmetics of the tooth but can also be used in cases of minor cavities, certain small fractures in the enamel of the tooth and discolorations in the enamel. The mechanics of retention are also different. Veneers are bonded on with a special type of cement that does not discolor. Crowns use a different cement and do not always have to be bonded in since they have more tooth structure to cover. Please come see us in our 10011 dental office for a consult for your new crown or veneer today! You are in good hands at Keith Bracy, DDS. 

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