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What is the average cost of Invisalign in NYC?

Invisalign | greenwich village new york Treatment for Invisalign can range from $3,000 to $8,000 depending on the practice location, dentist training and complexity of treatment. For many years, the national average cost of Invisalign has been quoted at $5,000 - $5,500. There are different lengths and case types for Invisalign and this can affect the Invisalign price. Each dental practice sets their own fee for Invisalign. 

The fee for comprehensive Invisalign at Keith Bracy, DDS is $5,500 and this includes 4 sets of Vivera retainers. If you have a more simple case or if your case does require many aligner changes, you may qualify for a lower fee Invisalign. Often dental insurance plans offer a small benefit for this type of orthodontic treatment, while some have no coverage or restrictions. Dr. Bracy's friendly staff is happy to do a complimentary benefits check for you. 

Have you ever seen an Invisalign Groupon or ads on google for very low cost Invisalign treatment? There are many $2999 Invisalign specials online. We would encourage you to not let price be the ultimate deciding factor in your oral care needs and to do your research. Often, the cost of the retainers or additional aligners are not included and can be a surprise bill at the end of your Invisalign treatment. 

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