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Can you bill my medical insurance for my sleep apnea oral appliance?

sleep apnea | greenwich village | 10011Yes, we have a dedicated medical billing specialist that will handle your medical insurance claim for your sleep apnea oral appliance. Currently, dental insurance carriers do not provide coverage for sleep apnea oral appliances. Before you begin fabrication of your sleep apnea appliance at Keith Bracy, DDS we are happy to run a pre-authorization of your medical insurance for treatment. Medical insurance coverage varies for sleep apnea oral appliances, but we are happy to help you get the most coverage. We will even ask your medical insurance company if they will extend in-network rates for your sleep apnea oral appliance. It is not possible for a dentist to be “in-network” with a medical insurance carrier, but often times we can seek an exception.

Visit our West Village dental office, and we can let you know the information your medical insurance carrier will require to pay for your sleep apnea appliance at our dental office. Usually all we need is your medical insurance card, a referral for the appliance from your physician, copy of your sleep study, Epworth sleepiness scale (a quick questionnaire to gauge your sleeping quality), and a signed affidavit stating you have tried CPAP therapy and are intolerant. It might sound like a daunting list to put together to get medical coverage for your sleep apnea appliance, but we have a billing specialist that can assist you.

Sleep apnea oral appliance therapy is used to treat Obstructive Sleep Apnea, also known as “OSA”. Only your doctor can diagnose you with sleep apnea, but your dentist can fabricate you with an oral appliance for treatment. A sleep study is necessary for the diagnosis and CPAP therapy is the most common mode of treatment. CPAP therapy consists of a mask work at night that provides positive pressure on your airway to keep it open. Many patients cannot tolerate the mask and find it cumbersome or difficult to sleep with. If you are intolerant to CPAP therapy, ask us or your physician about oral appliances for treatment. We are happy to discuss the benefits of sleep apnea oral appliance therapy in our West Village dental office. Call Dr. Bracy at 212-390-8399 for more information.

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