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What is the All-on-4 procedure?

dental implants | greenwich village The All-on-4 Procedure, often featured in TV and radio advertisements, is an excellent option to replace a full arch of missing teeth. “All-on-4” refers to replacing “all teeth” on “four implants." The procedure involves placing four dental implants at precise angles and placing a denture that secures into the implants. The unique placement pattern of the dental implants can help avoid the need for a bone graft. A bone graft is a procedure to add bone to your jaw so that the implants have a good foundation. Many patients would rather avoid the extra bone graft procedure if they can, and seek the All-on-4 procedure because of this. The procedure is also known for taking less time from implant placement until you have your final set of teeth vs. other restorative methods.

When You Might Want an All-On-4 Procedure

If you have severely compromised teeth or no teeth, it might be time to consider the All-on-4 procedure. It is often a time and cost saving solution compared to other implant and denture options. If you want to get new teeth or get rid of your removable denture, start by contacting Dr. Bracy in his NYC dental office. Careful treatment planning and diagnosis are necessary to achieve the best results. Dr. Bracy provides personalized dental care and will work with a team of implant surgeons that understand your needs. Book your All-on-4 consult online today!

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