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Cleaning Invisalign Aligners

Invisalign Cleaning Crystals in Our West Village NYC Dental Office

At our West Village dental office, we get a lot of questions about keeping Invisalign aligners clean. There seems to be a lot of confusion out there over aligner cleaning methods. Dr. Bracy has heard and read about all sorts of methods from denture cleaner to special scrub brushes. However, the real instructions for cleaning Invisalign aligners are simple!

You want to clean your aligners at least once a day, and usually before putting them back in after a snack or meal. Clean them before bedtime and also when you wake up, as part of your normal hygiene regime. Remember, for best Invisalign results you need to wear your clear aligners ...

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Will Invisalign hurt?

Invisalign Box at Dr. Bracy's NYC dental office

This is a common question of patients in our West Village dental office! When you chose Invisalign or clear aligner therapy, it is only natural to wonder if it will hurt a little? After all, clear braces and aligners can drastically push and move your teeth!

In Dr. Bracy’s experience, the most common discomfort occurs at the start of Invisalign treatment and when the patient changes into a new aligner set. At the start of the Invisliagn treatment, you are getting used to wearing plastic in your mouth for the first time! Sometimes the edges of the clear aligner may rub your gum or cheek and cause some minor irritation. Also, ...

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Dental Snoring Devices

silent nite anti snore dental device at dr. bracy's dental office

Can a dentist help with my snoring?

Yes! You and your family members need not suffer from the disturbances of snoring anymore. New and novel approaches for snoring are available at the dental office. Dr. Bracy offers an oral appliance to treat snoring in his Chelsea dental office. The device is called Silent Nite®  . Much as the name suggests, this oral appliance can help reduce or stop your snoring!

Fabrication is simple. Make an appointment in our NYC dental office for a scan of your teeth. The scan is sent to the Glidewell laboratory in California. A few days later, you will return to our office to try in your Silent ...

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What is an Invisalign scan?

digital scan of teeth at dr. bracy's nyc dental office

Have you ever had a goopy, messy dental impression? Traditionally, dental impressions were taken using putty like materials to make molds of your teeth and gums. These types of impressions were all dentists had until digital scanning technology came about! Traditional dental impressions are still used in many dental offices, but they can annoy patients due to gagging, discomfort and messes on your face and clothes from the impression material.

A digital scan of your teeth is the alternative to dental impressions. Digital scans may be more comfortable to the patient and in many cases, they are more accurate. Dr. Bracy offers 3M digital scanning technology in his NYC dental office.

A ...

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