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Dental Implants at Keith Bracy, DDS

dental implant to replace a single tooth at a dental office | west village, NYC | greenwich village

Chances are that you have heard a lot of buzz about dental implants. Turn on the radio or TV, and you’ll likely hear advertisements praising the benefits of dental implants. You’ve probably also heard that they can be expensive and involve surgery. Here at Keith Bracy, DDS we are happy to review the pros and cons, myths and facts about dental implants in our NYC dental office.

Benefits of Dental Implants

  1. They are fixed in your mouth. Unlike a removable partial denture, your dental implant is secure and stable in your mouth! There are no embarrassing moments when you need to take it out and they won’t move around or ...

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Finding an Invisalign Provider in NYC

Invisalign | Chelsea New York

Finding the Best Invisalign Provider in NYC

Are you starting your search for an Invisalign dentist in NYC? It can be a daunting task with so many different treatment options. We encourage you to do your research instead of googling "invisalign near me".  Keith Bracy, DDS is a top Invisalign provider in NYC with a convenient West Village, Chelsea location.

Here are some things to consider as you search for Invisalign in NYC

“Do It Yourself” Clear Aligners or “Doctor Directed” Clear Aligners

You might be tempted to choose a clear aligner method that skips the dental office. DIY clear aligners are heavily marketed by for-profit corporations and might seem like a ...

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Can I do Invisalign on just the top or bottom teeth?

best NYC invisalign provider

In Keith Bracy, DDS experience for very limited number of cases, it is advisable to do one arch of Invisalign. You might just be concerned about straightening just your upper or lower teeth with Invisalign. Yes, Invisalign can be done to just treat one arch of teeth, but it most cases both arches must be treated. The reason why is because you must have a stable bite or occlusion at the end of your Invisalign treatment. If you solely move or straighten your bottom or upper teeth, the opposing teeth will not align properly when you bite down. You might end up with a bite that is not stable or ...

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6 Things to Know About Invisalign Treatment

Man getting Invsialign aligner nyc

6 Things to Know About Invisalign Treatment

Are you looking for an Invisalign dentist in the West Village? Curious to know some more about Invisalign treatment? Here are 6 things patients often don’t know about Invisalign before starting treatment. Keith Bracy, DDS is always here to answer your Invisalign questions in person! Just call us at 212-390-8399 or book an appointment online for a complimentary Invisalign consult.


1) The Invisalign Diet!

Invisalign clear aligners must be worn 20+hours a day. Ideally, 22-23 hours to achieve optimum results. They can easily be removed for eating and drinking, and your teeth should be brushed and flossed before reinserting the aligners. Thus, many of our patients ...

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Non-surgical Gum Treatment

ultrasonic dental cleaning instrument in west village dental office

What is non-surgical treatment of gum disease? What is a deep cleaning? What can I do about my bleeding and puffy gums? These are common questions of new patients in our West Village, NYC dental office. The gums are the foundation of your teeth and everyday science is demonstrating a link between your overall oral health and systematic health.

There are two very common types of gum disease. The first is gingivitis – characterized by red, puffy, bleeding and inflamed gums. It is usually induced or started by too much bacteria or plaque in your mouth. If left untreated, it can progress to a more serious form of gum disease called ...

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Cleaning Invisalign Aligners

Invisalign Cleaning Crystals in Our West Village NYC Dental Office

At our West Village dental office, we get a lot of questions about keeping Invisalign aligners clean. There seems to be a lot of confusion out there over aligner cleaning methods. Dr. Bracy has heard and read about all sorts of methods from denture cleaner to special scrub brushes. However, the real instructions for cleaning Invisalign aligners are simple!

You want to clean your aligners at least once a day, and usually before putting them back in after a snack or meal. Clean them before bedtime and also when you wake up, as part of your normal hygiene regime. Remember, for best Invisalign results you need to wear your clear aligners ...

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Will Invisalign hurt?

Invisalign Box at Dr. Bracy's NYC dental office

This is a common question of patients in our West Village dental office! When you chose Invisalign or clear aligner therapy, it is only natural to wonder if it will hurt a little? After all, clear braces and aligners can drastically push and move your teeth!

In Dr. Bracy’s experience, the most common discomfort occurs at the start of Invisalign treatment and when the patient changes into a new aligner set. At the start of the Invisliagn treatment, you are getting used to wearing plastic in your mouth for the first time! Sometimes the edges of the clear aligner may rub your gum or cheek and cause some minor irritation. Also, ...

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