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Dr. Bracy is the best by far

Having a dental office in NYC must be one tough thing, as there must be tens of dentistries within a mile radius. But out of several dentists I've had in the city, I can tell Dr. Bracy is the best by far.

The first thing you will notice is probably how personable Dr. Bracy is. He will make sure you feel comfortable during your visit. On my previous visit, I was late to my appointment because of horrible traffic, but he didn't mind staying late (since I was his last patient of the day).

During my oral exam, cleaning, or other procedure (I made a night guard), he was explaining what he was doing step by step to assure me everything was fine. I thought this was really helpful since I had wondered before what dentists were doing.

Last but not least, Dr. Bracy has been very approachable. Whatever questions that I have had, he replied so quickly in a consistent manner.

I would recommend Dr. Bracy to anyone.

Nan P.

Thank you so much, Keith

I am generally distrustful to downright fearful when I go to the dentist. On recommendation from a friend, I went to see him. It had been many years since I had been to the dentist, but he was not the least bit judgmental. He did a complete cleaning, including x-rays, and discussed what was going on. I returned two more times to have cavities filled, and unlike my memories of the dentist, this was totally uneventful. In truth, if he hadn't of asked me from time to time how I was doing, I probably would have fallen asleep, I was so relaxed.

Like the other reviews I saw, he did give a cool goodie bag, but that was just like the icing on a wonderful cake.

Thank you so much, Keith. If you need to see a dentist, this is the one to see.

David T.

Dr. Bracy is professional and caring

I'm sure we all had daunting dental appointment memories from the past, but I never had it again since I started visiting Dr. Bracy two years ago.

Dr. Bracy is professional and caring. The moment I walked into his office, I was greeted with smile which made me feel calm. Dr. Bracy always takes the time to explain and check how I am doing along the way. It's always nice to take a short break from work and see Dr. Bracy, knowing my dental health is in capable hands.

Another great thing about seeing younger dentist is that they have their hands around state-of-the-art equipment. You're paying the same price while getting top-notch service. I would recommend Dr. Bracy!

Bo Z.