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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Emergency Dentistry

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We understand you may have some questions about particular dental procedures or if we are the right dental practice in NYC for you. Please browse the below information for some helpful information on the procedures we perform. 

If you have other unanswered questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 212-390-8399. Our friendly staff is on hand to answer your questions and welcome you to our new Chelsea, West Village NYC dental office! 

Emergency Dentistry

root canal | endodontics | west village Yes, we preform root canal therapy in our West Village dental office. Root canal therapy, sometimes referred to as “endo”, are procedures within the field of Endodontics. During a root canal the nervous tissue of the tooth is cleaned out and the canals of the tooth are cleaned and shaped. A final filling material is placed within the canals to seal them and keep bacteria out. Keith Bracy, DDS performs many types of root canal procedures. However, some teeth may require the skills of a root canal specialist, called an “endodontist”. The teeth that require a root canal specialist are many molar teeth and those with extra canals or unique canal systems. Don’t worry if you need an endodontist! We can coordinate one to come to our West Village dental office or can refer you to one in the neighborhood if needed.

It is important to return general dental office after a root canal within 2 weeks to have a final restoration placed on the tooth. The root canal specialist will leave the tooth with a temporary filling. A final, stronger restoration must be placed on the tooth to keep it protected. In most cases, this is a crown. Keith Bracy, DDS is happy to evaluate your root canal treated tooth and let you know the best option for you. Call us at our West Village office at 212-390-8399.

root canal | greenwich village nyAre you looking for a root canal specialist to do your root canal treatment? If so, call Keith Bracy, DDS in his West Village dental office. We have root canal specialists who perform root canals in our office and we can also refer you to a root canal dentist if our in house-root canal specialist is not available for you. We know it can be hard to find a root canal dentist that is caring and puts you at ease, and we know you will like to have your root canal performed by one of our caring root canal specialists.

How do you know if you need a root canal treatment? Sometime you know if you need a root canal treatment and other times you don’t. Root canals are needed when the nerve of the tooth dies or becomes infected or inflamed. Injury to the tooth, tooth decay, and tooth fractures are some of the most conditions causing the nerve of the tooth to die or become infected. When the tooth nerve is infected or inflamed, you can experience much discomfort such as a severe tooth ache. However, if the nerve dies, sometimes you do not feel any symptoms at all. Careful diagnosis will be done by Dr. Bracy to determine if a root canal is needed.

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