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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Dentures and Partial Dentures

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We understand you may have some questions about particular dental procedures or if we are the right dental practice in NYC for you. Please browse the below information for some helpful information on the procedures we perform. 

If you have other unanswered questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 212-390-8399. Our friendly staff is on hand to answer your questions and welcome you to our new Chelsea, West Village NYC dental office! 

Dentures and Partial Dentures

dentures | missing teeth | west village nyYes, Dr. Bracy is happy to provide a range of denture services in our West Village dental office. Dentures are used to replace some or all missing teeth. Denture technology has advanced in recent decades, allowing for more stable and esthetic looking dentures. Dr. Bracy offers the full range of partial dentures from flexible to cast metal partials and full dentures that can be secured firmly with dental implants. Do you have an existing denture already? If you ever need your denture repaired quickly, we also offer denture repair services. If your denture cracks or a tooth pops off, we can often repair it in 24 hours, so you do not have to worry about being in public without your denture. If you have full dentures already, please note that it is still important for you to see a general dentist regularly. At these checkup visits, your dentist should check your fit and function of your dentures, clean your dentures professionally, provide oral cancer screening, and address any of our dental concerns.  Still looking for a denture dentist near me? Call our Chelsea dental office at 212-390-8399 to schedule your denture consultation. Keith Bracy, DDS is happy to help you with your denture journey!

  • dentures | dentist | west village ny | 10011The first step is to have a thorough dental exam to make sure you are a candidate for dentures. Dentures are an excellent option to replacing all or some of your missing teeth. If all your teeth are missing or hopeless, a complete denture can replace them all. If only some or a few teeth are missing, you might consider a removable partial denture. If you need to have your teeth extracted first, you might consider an immediate denture. An immediate denture is inserted the same day as your teeth extractions, so that you never have to go without missing teeth! Don’t worry about all the denture terms, Dr. Bracy will let you know which denture if right for you. You can do this from the comfort of our new, West Village, NYC dental office.


  • Consider if you want to have dental implants to secure your denture. In the past, most denture patients had no other options but denture adhesives to hold their dentures in. However, dental implants have advanced rapidly and many denture patients elect to have implants secure their dentures. Many times just two dental implants on the lower jaw and four dental implants on the upper are enough to make a traditional denture very secure. This type of secured denture is called an overdenture.


  • After your exam and treatment phase is over, the next step is an impression or digital scan of your mouth. The initial impression is basically a mold of your jaws. In our West Village office, we use digital scanning technology to make a digital impression. We find it more accurate than traditional dental impression. Many times complete dentures will take 2 visits for impressions. This first impression is used to fabricate a very precise tray, used to take the second impression. Getting an excellent dental impression is necessary to make the best dentures possible. If the impression is not good, then the denture will not turn out well.


  •  The third step is a try in of the wax denture bases. At this visit, Dr. Bracy will see how the denture bases fit your mouth and will gather data on how our jaws come together and various measurements of where the teeth should be placed. At this dental appointment, let Dr. Bracy know your desires for the size, shape, and shade of denture teeth. Today’s modern dentures are highly cosmetic and can be customized to look how you want. Some patient’s like very straight white denture teeth, while others want darker, crooked, or very “natural” styles.



  • At the fourth visit, you’ll get to try the denture bases in with the teeth set on them. This is a very fun and exciting visit for patients since they get to see what the teeth look and feel like. We will test out your bite at this visit and make sure it is solid and also have you speak, to make sure you can make proper sounding words, without lisps. If you don’t like the look of the teeth or if anything needs to be adjusted, let Dr. Bracy know – we can have it remade and have more try-in visits until we get it perfect.


  • The final visit, you get your final dentures! You’ll get to go home with an excellent fitting pair of full dentures. If you elected to get dental implants to secure your dentures, Dr. Bracy will add attachments to secure the dentures onto the implants. After this visit, you will come back for several denture adjustment appointments. Every new denture needs adjustments to get it fitting comfortably. You will know that you need adjustments if you get any sore spots in your mouth where the denture is rubbing.



Denture Hints and Tips

  • Always keep your denture clean and hygienic. Wash them with a toothbrush and warm water and mild soap. Use denture cleaning tablets when you soak it. You should clean it before and after use and always rinse the cleaning agent well.
  • Do not let your denture dry out. When you take it out of your mouth, soak it in water or denture cleaning solution. Letting it dry out can make the acrylic more brittle and uncomfortable to wear.
  • Do not sleep in your denture. Your gums and mouth need time to rest too! Wearing your denture at night is unhygienic and can allow for fungal infections to grow beneath the denture.
  • Give it time to adjust to! No one was born with dentures. They take several weeks to adjust to before you can eat, drink and speak with them like second nature.

Keith Bracy, DDS is always available to answer any of your denture questions! Dr. Bracy is here for you in the West Village, Manhattan and is able to serve all your denture needs! We are located in 10011 at West 12th St and 6th ave. Our phone number is 212-390-8399.

dentures | greenwich village nyFlexible dentures, often referred to as “flexi” partials, are dentures made from a flexible, life-like resin material. There are also brands for the flexible material – Valplast is a common brand. The material of the flexible denture basic is translucent and custom made to the shade of your gums. The denture does not have metal clasps but instead has gum colored flexible clasps and rests on your gums for support. Traditional partial dentures, unlike flexible partial dentures, are made from metal and acrylic bases. The metal can be unsightly and many patients worry if the metal clasps can be seen when they smile. The acrylic of a traditional denture can match your gum shade well, but it isn’t translucent and life-like like flexible dentures. Flexible dentures are also a good option for those with acrylic or metal allergies.

You can replace one or more teeth with a flexible partial denture. For patients who are getting dental implants, a flexible partial denture can also serve as a good temporary replacement for a single tooth or multiple teeth until the implant(s) is complete.

Call Dr. Bracy today in his Chelsea, NYC dental office and discuss which option is best to replace your missing teeth! A flexible partial denture might be a good option for you!

dentures | west village | greenwich village nyAs dentists, we hope your denture gives you several years of service. At Keith Bracy, DDS we have seen dentures in service for up to 20 years at the extreme. However, there are many factors that affect the life span of your denture. Traditional dentures are made from acrylic and resin (plastic) teeth. These are very durable materials, yet they aren’t immune to aging.

 Much of your denture life depends on how well you take care of it. Dentures need to be cleaned with warm water and soap at least twice a day or before and after inserting. Alternatively, many over counter products like denture tablets can be used. Cleaning your denture allows for removal of plaque, bacteria and stains – all which can shorten the life of your denture. Bring your denture to Dr. Bracy at regular dental check-up appointments. Just because you are missing your teeth and have a denture, does not mean you can skip dental appointments! An exam of the fit and function of your denture,  as well as oral cancer and pathology screenings,  must still be performed. Dr. Bracy and his hygienist can also perform a professional cleaning of your denture and review use and care instructions.

Another factor that determines how long your denture lasts is changes in your jaw bone and gums. Over time, some patients experience remodeling of the bone in their jaws. If the bone changes or shrinks away, then the denture will lose its fit. You might notice this if your denture starts to be unstable, lost suction, or moves around more. In some cases, the existing denture can be refitted in a procedure called a denture reline. In other cases, it might be better to make a new denture, if the changes are significant enough. Another option to consider in the case of shrinking bone or poorly fitting dentures, is dental implants to secure the denture. Sometimes just 2 dental implants can make a huge difference in securing a lower denture, and 4 dental implants in an upper denture. Come by our West Village dental office, if you want to talk more about dental implants.

Furthermore, general wear and tear can decrease the life of your denture. Sometimes patients don’t treat their dentures with the most TLC. Dropping your denture, leaving it out to dry, using harsh or abrasive cleaners on it, all will shorten its life span. Dogs, cats and other pets also are very attracted to dentures and can mistake them for their toys. Obviously, if you break your denture by dropping it or if your dog eats it, it will be destroyed and not be usable. In these cases, you may want to consider having a spare or emergency denture. A spare or emergency denture allows you to go on with life without embarrassment if your original denture is lost, destroyed or damaged. It is usually very easy for Dr. Bracy to make a duplicate, spare denture at the time of making your original denture.

A final option you might want to consider to prolong the life of you denture, is to have it reinforced with metal. A thin layer of metal mesh within the denture can go a long way to add strength and reinforcement to it. This is an excellent option for those that grind their dentures and clench when used.

At Keith Bracy, DDS, we love dentures and our denture patients! We are always happy to answer all your questions about dentures and make you a new pair if you are in need. Call us at 212-390-8399 or stop by our NYC office. We are located street level in the West Village. Keith Bracy, DDS is a dentist in 10011.

Look no further than Keith Bracy, DDS in the West Village for your next Valplast denture! What are Valplast dentures? They are a brand of flexible partial dentures made from a thermoplastic, nylon based material that is very comfortable and esthetic. Valplast is a brand name of this material. Traditional partial dentures are made from acrylic and metal, and are rigid and may not look as cosmetic if the metal clasps show. On the contrary, Valplast flexible material is translucent, with life-like color.

Not every flexible denture is a Valplast denture. There are knock off brands and materials used by some dental laboratories. Why would you want to make sure it is a Valplast denture you get from a NYC dentist? Because it comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and is backed with a warranty from Valplast. There is a code of on the Certificate of Authenticity that can be used to register your denture on the Valplast website. Click on this link to register your Valplast for the warranty.

Check out the Valplast website too. There is a lot of great information under the “patients” tab. You can also use Valplast matieral for a flipper. A flipper is an economical, removable temporary to replace a one or a few missing teeth. Flippers are often used during the dental implant process, while you are waiting for your dental implant to be restored. Keith Bracy, DDS is always welcoming new patients in the West Village, NYC and is happy to answer all your questions on Valplast.

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